eHSA Regulatory - eHealth for Sub-Saharan Africa - Study on Regulatory Aspects

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The goal of the eHSA programme is to develop pan-African eHealth services enabled by satellite to benefit the sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region. These services focus on providing various types of eHealth services to benefit citizens and health workers.

Objectives of the service

Partnering with Africa to help strengthen health service delivery is a key driver of this project.
The goal of the eHSA programme is to develop pan-African eHealth services enabled by satellite to benefit the sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region. These services focus on providing various types of eHealth services to benefit citizens and health workers.
The regulatory study is the second in a series of four horizontal studies that are part of the eHSA programme. It will examine the regulatory framework needed to provide eHealth services and provide a comprehensive review of the SSA situation affecting eHealth. The study will identify specific actions needed to develop a regulatory framework that supports eHealth and develop roadmaps to guide countries and partners through to implementation.

Users and their needs

These are the AUC, RECs, and in each SSA country, governments, ministries, aid organisations, all types of healthcare providers, citizens, patients and community representatives, and suppliers of eHealth affected by eHealth regulation. Healthcare providers include state, non-governmental organisations, faith-based organisations, and private providers.

Product Benefits

Sound, realistic, viable eHealth regulation is essential to the eHSA programme objectives and any initiative aiming to create sustainable eHealth services in SSA. The road maps are the core benefits of the study. They will enable SSA's RECs and countries to adopt eHealth regulation in a way that matches their readiness.
The first roadmap will describe the regulatory-compliant processes required and the accountability of the public and private sector to adopt eHealth services in the short-to-medium term for SSA countries ready to adopt and develop eHealth regulation. The second roadmap will suggest realistic solutions for enhancing the current relevant regulatory framework targeting a full support to eHealth in SSA.
Knowledge of SSA's current eHealth regulatory environment is limited. A reference regulatory model (RRM) will describe the current eHealth legal and regulatory situation. It will be also lay the foundation to assess the readiness of SSA countries to develop their regulatory environments. Knowledge of successful regulatory environments worldwide can help to build the RRM. Understanding the SSA's current regulatory environment helps to:
Identify readiness for eHealth regulation
Set constraints
Develop regulation
Overcome barriers of limited regulation
Manage the eHealth market
Succeed with new eHealth initiatives.
The study will provide an overview on the regulatory framework needed to provide eHealth services. This is essential to provide a comprehensive review on the regulatory situation affecting eHealth in SSA. It will suggest specific actions to implement a complete regulatory framework supporting eHealth. It will help to identify the most promising scenarios for the implementation of the fertilisation projects framed in the second phase of the eHSA programme.

Product Features

The study's partners comprise a mix of African and European perspectives. Their range of skills, knowledge and experience combine to support the study. This platform includes:
Direct working knowledge and engagement with SSA countries
Direct engagement with the African Union Commission (AUC), New Partners for Africas Development (NEPAD) Agency, WHO-Africa and Regional Economic Communities (RECs)
Extensive knowledge and experience of developing eHealth strategies and initiatives with SSA countries and other developing regions
Expert skills in leading-edge modelling techniques and tools
Wide range of skills and experience including legal, regulation, SSA cultures, eHealth and healthcare
An online SSA Regulatory Forum.
The platform will create realistic and viable proposals to develop eHealth in SSA.

Key Issues

A sound regulatory environment can make easy the development of eHealth services. Some African countries are in the process of defining their eHealth strategies to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. The study will ttherefore try to:
Understand the regulatory conditions necessary to provide effective and long-term running eHealth services.
Understand the current status of the various African countries in terms of eHealth-related regulations.
Engage with relevant key stakeholders from the regulatory side to promote the whole programme.

Current Status

The Study is going to organise two workshops with relevant stakeholders in Botswana (March) and Ghana (April). These workshops are expected to contribute significantly to the outcomes of the study as well as to raise awareness in the user community.

Status Date

Updated: 20 February 2013 - Created: 15 February 2014