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Objectives of the service

  • Use a more efficient satellite technology permitting the use of the ACM in both the forward link and the return link for a better space segment efficiency;
  • Improve reacquisition time of the satellite system (modem) after long shadow zones;
  • Develop a more robust TCP and HTTP acceleration system to be able to handle links with high delays but also to cope with the type of traffic used by the system users;
  • Get away as much as possible to the link per link management;
  • Better QoS implementation in order to filter unwanted traffic;
  • Try to aggregate links of different nature (delays) in order to make them acting as one;
  • Improve the overall system performance with the development of a new generation of our Mobile Access Router: MAR 4.0;

Current Status

We have proved in Mobile Access Router previous phases how the satellite complements the use of mobile network technologies increasing the throughput values, showing this way as well the need of the satellite technology. We have evidenced during last pilot how the satellite technology properly fits the rail way high-speed environment.

To continue to improve the performance of this system, 21NET wants to go one step further with a Mobile Access Router of fourth generation. The intent with MAR 4.0 is to make a major step forward in terms of performance. MAR4 will embody all the experience accumulated over EOMST, especially during the MAR3 design, experimentation and testing in live conditions. It will integrate packet-switching through an MPTCP module within an overall MAR3 architectural framework with major improvements based on TCP tunneling between TCP proxies residing at both ends of each link. A natural framework for a high performance QoS scheme will also be provided.

Currently, the enhanced Mobile Access Router (MAR 4.0) designed has been finished. The project has passed the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) in November 2017. However, the fifth and final phase (pilot phase) will not finally be carried out due to the current lack of satellite service on board of 21Net fleets at the moment. The activity will then be concluded without the pilot phase.

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Status Date

Updated: 22 April 2020 - Created: 20 June 2014