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Objectives of the service

The service shall allow the assessment of the environmental impact of large events. This shall take the form of an online dashboard allowing the monitoring of the environmental impact of the sites of interest in the event. The environmental impact is composed of the short-term impacts on Air (pollution), vegetation (trampling), and waste - all three part of the proposed feasibility study - as well as the medium-term impact regarding urban heat contribution.

The service will allow the monitoring of the performance over a period of time, resulting in a subscription service over a median period of 5 years per site, as per the reporting obligations by the organizing committee.

The objectives of the feasibility study are:

  • Validate the pertinence of our operational indicators to a geographical point – as opposed to a regional approach (neighbourhood/city as per our present operations). The activities are centred on the use of high resolution data in complementarity to the Sentinel data for the generation of the indicators and use of local sensors to validate the pertinence of the indicator. Indeed, monitoring the environmental impact of an event needs finer resolution (both geographical – few meters and temporal - daily) than the resolution provided by the Sentinels.

  • Validate the market approach and feasibility of large scale deployment of the service to major events around the globe. Indeed, the major events market is related to the broader tourism market that is the core of Murmuration’s service offering. This allows us to develop relevant hypotheses regarding the stakeholders, the market size and the potential business model.

Users and their needs

The service targets major sport events: the following Olympic events are obviously being considered (Paris 2024, Milano Cortina 2026 and Los Angeles 2028), the Tour de France, The automobile grand prix (including Formula1 , IndyCar, Formula-e, rally competitions, etc.), the Football/Basketball/Handball/Volleyball World Cup and European championships.

In these events, the customers could be the attributing committee, the organising committee or Consulting and engineering company already working for the event.

Major sports events are being increasingly criticized for the environmental degradation they cause. There is a lack of quantifiable indicators to assess the impact on the environment of such large events.

The major gain offered by the service is to extend the economic and social KPIs of these events with environmental indicators and significantly improved attractiveness. It allow the provision of an interactive, transparent reporting tool that can be shared efficiently between all stakeholders including the general public.

Service/ system concept

The starting point of this project is the existing services Murmuration has developed over the past 3 years.

Murmuration has an operational service with a catalogue of 22 operational indicators allowing the assessment of different environmental parameters. Murmuration also has experience in creating use cases combining environmental parameters and human activities implication.

Murmuration indicators

Space Added Value

The indicators rely primarily on Sentinel and Copernicus services data, the core of the developments within EOSports will be to include commercial high resolution data (i.e. Planet data, ADS-Pléiades) to assess more localized effects and assess the impact of an event on the environment.

Current Status

Work has been initiated on several tracks:

  • A Proof of a concept has been developed in collaboration with Atos focused on the 2023 France Rugby World Cup. The PoC is available in the Mundi marketplace.

  • A preliminary study is being carried out on the future Village of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

  • The service is being experimented on other pilot events

Rugby World Cup proof-of-concept

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Status Date

Updated: 10 January 2024