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Objectives of the service

GALILEARN objectives 1

After years of experimentation, it was concluded that the use of technology and its application for learning and training courses leads to better results.

GALILEARN purpose is to study the feasibility of an entertainment platform that uses the satellite geolocation systems, satellite Navigation systems (Galileo, GPS, Glonass, Beidou) and the mixed reality system to create, through a specific software editor, a game set which aims to create a learning experience in an outdoor context.

The games created using the mentioned systems, make the user able to discover a particular place and its history or situation, by playing a role in the game, interacting with and through the platform, while learning, training and acquiring technical-scientific skills, all related to the the STEM area, and/or to the humanistic culture field, or a mix of the two.

GALILEARN objectives 2


Users and their needs

Our service aims to provide an innovative solution for the education and training needs of our main users, the Schools students (from 7 to 12 grade) in the STEM subjects or even in the humanistic ones, Companies Employees and Tourists.
Our system will allow users to study the content and interact with it; thanks to the developed gamification dynamics, the gaming experience will allow positive emotions to be associated with the learning experience while the outdoor play will also make the user stay fit!

Galilearn uses Roguelikes, Metroidvania and Role-Playing game techniques in an outdoor geolocalized context; the fusion of these three techniques creates a gaming experience that allows users to learn new (scientific or cultural) content in an innovative and funny way.

Galilearn customers are both in the B2B and B2B2C segment. B2B customers pay for the service and make the products available to their students and pupils: here, the need to be satisfied consists in making the teaching methods used more innovative, efficient, and effective, both in case the customer is a school or a university or either a company, public or private.

For the B2B2C segment, the need to be satisfied is to provide companies with an innovative tool to develop serious games, through which they can make their final users learn in a playful stem context free of charge.

GALILEARN user needs


Service/ system concept

Galilearn software system aims to produce and propose a learning system using serious games to be played outdoors.

GALILEARN service concept

It is assumed that the prevalent tool used for interaction will be a smartphone, being Galilearn designed to take full advantage of the potential of the web browser installed on it. All starts from the data received from Satellites and processed for the users. The system user can play games created with Galilearn using his smartphone with a GPS connection. The system will recognize the player's position and will show him interactive multimedia content in augmented reality on the smartphone screen, such as objects to select, characters to talk to, and audio-video content to see/hear and enjoy, guiding him through the various geolocated stages of the game.

The system architecture, shown in the figure, is mainly composed of: 

  1. a mobile frontend application connected to a geolocation system

  2. a back-office application through which the serious game is created

  3. a database which can be connected to an LMS or an e-learning platform.

PREMIA service concept 2

Space Added Value

Galilearn is an application based substantially on the use of satellite positioning systems, satellite navigation systems and the GPS.

The possibility of receiving the signal from satellites will allow users to use the application even in urban contexts with very tall buildings, in outdoor context and everywhere.

Current Status

The final review meeting was done and the mock-up of the game has been created and delivered.

Status Date

Updated: 30 May 2023