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Human Switch CCN

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Objectives of the service

The objective of the Human Switch CCN project is to:

  • Automated and enhanced user sign up process – to establish an easier sign-on process for the user when creating an account

  • Automated vehicle recognition and pull of vehicle details – to remove the need for the vehicle list to be continually updated

  • Enhancement of charge point information integration process – to allow users to add their own charge points to increase accuracy of TCO calculation

  • Scaling of back-end system for increased UK coverage – making the application more accessible to different user types

  • Push notifications to remind users to track journeys – to make it easier to remember when to track journeys on the mobile device 

Users and their needs

The Human Switch project focused on three distinct Vehicle User (VUs) groups: 

  • Domestic vehicle user (DVU) – private car ownership 

  • Business vehicle user (BVU) – lorry, truck, car fleets owned at the company level 

  • Public vehicle user (PVU) – bus, van, car fleets owned at the municipal level

The Human Switch pilot was made up of a large proportion of public and business vehicles rather than domestic. Consequently, as the largest proportion of vehicle usage in the UK is domestic vehicle users, the DVU category was targeted for the CCN. To achieve this, the CCN focused on working with strategic partners.

Target users will be based in the UK.

Service/ system concept

The Human Switch solution comprises two services – EV8 Switch and EV8 Live, the first of which stimulates the demand of the second (see Figure 5: Platform and Services created through the Human Switch project and CCN). 

  • EV8 Switch – uses a mobile phone to track driving behaviour.  It uses this data to build a detailed business case for the transition to EV.

  • EV8 Live - allows EV owners to participate in energy market mechanisms whilst preserving the minimum level of transport utility from their vehicle.


Space Added Value

The following space assets will be used in the Human Switch Project: 

GNSS: Location services – defining the proximity of users, their EV, traffic conditions and alternative transport options will play a key role in maximising the load under management, providing the best service to users and stakeholders and for establishing disconnection risk.  GNSS data will be analysed with past behaviour patterns to determine the likely duration of available storage capacity.

Vehicle Positioning - The in-vehicle Global Positioning System will receive the low-power satellite signals and calculate positioning. It can then transmit that information to Human Switch either through a cellular network or a long-range system like Symphony Link.

Owner positioning - Understanding the location of the owner in relation to a vehicle is key to establishing patterns of behaviour and maximising load under management.  The users cell phone will track location and also act as the interface for engagement with the service.

Traffic and Vehicle Charge Point Data - Through the use of GNSS vehicle positioning in traffic assessments, optimised route planning and opportunity cost assessments can be provided to users.


Current Status

The project was launched at an event in London where the branding of the commercial delivery vehicle, EV8 technologies, was unveiled.

Over 100 people attended from a broad cross section of industries.
Speakers from Honda, UKSA and A.T. Kearney explored the topic of energy and transport transition.  An introductory video can be viewed at

ESA milestones have been successfully completed and the project is now closed.

The Human Switch CCN project launched EV8 Switch to a target domestic vehicle user (DVU) group. 
User engagement feedback provided areas of future development to improve the user journey for each service.

EV8 is currently working with its commercial clients for EV8 Switch.

Prime Contractor(s)

AT Kearney

United Kingdom

AT Kearney


Status Date

Updated: 14 February 2023