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  • ACTIVITYDemonstration Project
  • STATUSOngoing
  • THEMATIC AREAMedia, Culture and Sport

Objectives of the service


From historical data and fundamental scorekeeping to algorithmic performance and specific athlete statistics, data has become the sport industry’s most valuable item. Professional teams, major events, amateur leagues are constantly seeking new ways to bring details and drama to their fans and followers. While the rise of second screen app in team sport industry (Football, Basketball…) and mechanical sport (F1, Moto GP…) are providing unique experiences to the fans, it is yet a challenge to provide a similar experience to fans of the endurance sport (Cycling, Trail Running, Triathlon, Sailing…). The outdoor environment doesn’t allow to replicate optical tracking available in stadium and new sources of live tracking and data feed need to be investigated.


Users and their needs

Our business model caters to three key user groups essential for our success:

  • Timekeepers serve as vital distributors for our solution, using their event portfolios to offer innovative services to their clients. Their partnership signifies a commitment to keeping up with technology and meeting customer needs. They also handle solution servicing, enabling quick expansion.

  • Sports TV graphics and second-screen digital platform companies specialize in immersive event storytelling with pre-developed widgets or apps, showcasing live performance data. Integrating our solution enhances viewer engagement, boosting visibility and credibility.

  • Rights Holders organize major sports events globally and seek cost-effective solutions for live tracking and data transmission. Their endorsement enhances brand image and expedites development.

User Needs:

  • Reliable tracking for outdoor sports like cycling, sailing, trail running, and triathlons.

  • Accurate data integration into TV broadcasts for enhanced fan experience and audience retention.

  • Turnkey solutions to improve fragmented tracking systems, enabling effective race following for friends and family.

  • Cost-effective live tracking and real-time data transmission without requiring extensive infrastructure.

Service/ system concept

Infinity by Insiders takes sports tracking to the next level by equipping athletes with cutting-edge tracking units. These units utilize LTE-M technology to transmit data live to our backend system. Once received, the data is processed in real-time and seamlessly shared on screen, providing viewers with live updates and insights into the athlete's performance. This integration ensures that fans are constantly engaged and immersed in the action, experiencing every moment as it happens. With Infinity, athletes and fans alike can truly embrace the thrill of sports like never before.



Space Added Value

The solution uses the GNSS RTK technology for the positioning. GNSS RTK is the only possible global positioning solution that provides a sufficient accuracy. In addition, it will also use the LTE-M satellite communication once available to provide a global connectivity even in areas with poor network coverage. Those two technologies rely on satellite/space technology.
The RTK-based tracking system will rely on RTK base stations, but not the usual way. We will have a dedicated server that will get the correction data from the base stations and make the data available for the tracking devices. Each device will provide its current location to the server and the server will then stream the correction data of the closest base station to the device using an MQTT broker.

Current Status

The project is currently in the deep phase of development:

  1. Pilot: Constant project review with Pilot client (Swiss Timing) ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Clear requirements in place.

  2. Requirements: Industry interviews (20 participants) have been performed to deeper understand market pains and needs. 

  3. Development: Hardware prototype have been received and shared with Pilot User for testing. Development team is mainly focusing on firmware delivery. 

  4. Economic viability: Pipeline of potential customers has been identified and added into new CRM tool. Go to Market activities are being planned for Q4 2024, building on post-pilot (Paris 2024) activities.


Prime Contractor(s)

Status Date

Updated: 03 April 2024