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Invisible Worlds - Invisible Worlds- Feasibility Study


The objective is to provide an affordable and accurate online platform service for the agricultural land owners, foresters and the supply chain with an easy to use, affordable EO data service for the crop and forest management through a digital platform. This will benefit individual growers or forest owners with small areas under management, by providing commercially valuable and actionable decision support tools accessed via this online self-service.


Geo-spatial data products based on Satellite Earth Observation data can deliver valuable information on health status and crop/forest development throughout the season including yield/harvest prediction. However, these technologies and solutions are not affordable yet for individual growers or forest owners with smaller areas under management.

Rezatec and Eden Project plan to use Eden Project’s consumer engagement model to drive the acquisition and review of ground data related to crop species already modelled by Rezatec. The activity foresees the development of a virtual and physical installation that will provide visitors of Eden Project and end users with (i) a curated environment in which to view the changing nature of forest and crop health and status through the year, and (ii) utilise Rezatec Landscape intelligence that will allow them to gather their own forest and crop data through the use of environmental toolkits. 

Users and their needs

Farmers, Agronomist 

  • Forecast crop yield performance analysis and insights
  • Information on crop condition for variable rate application management 
  • Environmental performance monitoring to comply with subsidies rules & regulation
  • Irrigation management
  • Disease control and weed control

Owners of Small-Scale Softwood Plantation Operations

  • Prediction of plantation yield and performance
    • Identification of right plantations to provide with optimal climate conditions for good-quality softwood
    • Extraction of spatial signatures to provide analysis on invasive species and climate conditions
    • Mapping areas affected by pests across the plantation
  • Monitoring plantation
    • Analyse the plantation for causes of deterioration or decline in softwood harvest.

Owners of Deciduous Woodlands

  • Historical landscaping to determine strongest trees
  • Top down view of forest useful to identify the count, volume and height of trees to determine value and supply capacity, protection from fungi, parasites and pests threats

Woodland Surveyors, Agents and Management 

  • To reduce reliance/need for costly field validation.
  • Comprehensive real-time view of surface area usage
  • Reduce costs through increased use of remote auditing approaches

Eden Project

  • As a non-governmental organisation (NGO) the Eden Project will lead or collaborate on discreet, ad hoc, funded environmental projects working to different ecologies and scales. There is particular need about utilising the online geospatial data analytics tool to identify habitat connectivity- especially for woodlands corridors

Service/ system concept

The system service architecture is made up of two groups of servers. Multiple cloud-based servers will deliver the portal, with each server optimised for its specific task and all critical services benefitting from full redundancy. Data processing is handled by a bank of high spec processing servers that run proprietary algorithms on the imported raw satellite information and generate geospatial data products.


The portal interface is designed to be an intuitive and effective mechanism for accessing and interrogating the data products. There are numerous features available to the end user. An interactive map with overlaid data products allows visualisation of the data in a familiar map type environment. User defined areas of interest that enable the user to only focus on regions that are relevant to them. Analysis tools that can present the data content in tabular and chart formats and that can be exported for use elsewhere. An interactive time slider that gives the user a way of comparing the evolution of an area over time by moving between time specific data layers. A digital sales process so the user can specify, manage and pay for the content of their area of interest on a one-off or recurring basis.


Service infrastructure

Space Added Value

The Invisible Worlds feasibility study makes use of the following space assets:

  1. Earth Observation (EO) data, to cost-effectively support assessments of climatic and crop parameters such as canopy cover, height and health using a mixture of sensor types including Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Multi-spectral Optical Imagery and LIDAR.  EO images will be sourced from a variety of satellite providers, according to the attributes required;
  2. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) devices for accurate geo-referencing of field validation locations

Current Status

Dedicated focus group workshops were organised at Eden Project in Cornwell and individual interviews held with potential end users and stakeholders within Agriculture and forestry presenting Rezatec’s current agriculture and forestry tool kits. Very useful feedback was gathered to better understand what needs the identified users have on supporting their crop and forestry management and the user friendliness of the online portal were measured. The User Requirements review took successfully place on 12th November 2018 at ESA ECSAT in Harwell.

The team is now focusing on developing the Service and System Definition to suit the end users’ requirements and a business model for the digital sales service. In addition, a permanent exhibit will be delivered at Eden Cornwall showcasing the benefits of Rezatec’s EO data services through an interactive user interface. Once the exhibit goes live at Eden, it will continue to collect feedback and data on understanding the interests from Eden’s visitors and potential end users. It is expected to stay in situ for 2-3 years, with a potential audience of up to 3 million over its initial lifespan and as unique and cutting-edge feature within the context of Eden’s Invisible Worlds Museum.

Prime Contractor


Eden Project

United Kingdom

Eden project

Project Managers

Contractor Project Manager

Saravana Gurusamy
Rezatec Limited Quad One, Becquerel Avenue
OX11 0RA
United Kingdom

ESA Project Manager

Antje Vogel
ESA ECSAT, Harwell Campus. Fermi Avenue.
OX11 0QX
United Kingdom

Status Date

Updated: 23 November 2018 - Created: 23 November 2018