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The proposed project is to conduct a feasibility study focused mainly on interoperability aspects derived from to design, implement and operate a pan-African eHealth platform based on a satellite communications system.

Objectives of the service

The objectives of the proposed project are:

  • Define a pan-African eHealth platform.
  • Ensure the African Ownership
  • Adaptation of the solution to the real needs of the SSA
  • Creating a feasible model to be implemented in the short term

Figure - e-Health components

Users and their needs


All SSA countries (excluding South Africa)


In this project stage, the end-users has been contacted and a in-depth survey on the field has been performed, the main typology of users are:

  • National, Regional and Local government
  • Medical institutions
  • Medical workers and volunteers
  • NGOs

A workshop was performed in Tanzania during the past April 2014. Also, a number of selected opportunities scenarios were presented to ESA during the Final Review by key SSA stakeholders, including the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Tanzania.

Service/ system concept

The concept of the overall eHSA programme is to deliver an enhanced satellite eHealth platform and its associated eHealth services to the sub-Saharan region. The Interoperability study is one of 4 precursor studies to the programme that will enable its successful later implementation.

Space Added Value

In SSA some areas have poor developed ITC infrastructure, this issue applied to the new needs of telemedicine and medical services causes a longer delay in implementing models eHealth.

The interoperability that the ISAES framework would describe are closed related to the SATCOM facilities to deploy all needs in a short term.

Product Benefits

Provide a practical and simple framework to implement a eHealth platform for SSA.

To assure end-users and stakeholders involvement and promote the use and acceptance of an eHealth platform.

Product Features

The use of the newest information and communication technologies infrastructures and especially the use of technologies via satellite are playing a very important role in the evolution of eHealth services towards a routine use of such services

Key Issues

All tasks conducted in the project are done in order to generate the inputs for the design of the reference eHealth platform model for the provision of the eHealth services in the SSA, taking into account this issues:

  • Assuring African ownership
  • Practical and simple
  • Ready to be developed in short term

Current Status

The project began on May 2013, and all the documentation have been already delivered, including a website ( where useful information about the tasks performed. The most relevant of them are:

  • Task 1 – eHealth interoperability framework and service operational models
  • Task 2 – eHealth Global good practice
  • Task 3 – Description of eHealth and interoperability situations in SSA
  • Task 4 – Reference eHealth platform model
  • Task 5 – SSA eHealth implementation opportunities
  • Task 6 – Consolidated eHealth platform design
  • Task 7 – SSA adoption roadmap

Moreover, a Final Report and corresponding Executive Summary has been delivered with a summary of the main results of the project.

Status Date

Updated: 01 December 2014 - Created: 06 March 2014