Land Border Control

  • ACTIVITYFeasibility Study
  • STATUSCompleted
  • THEMATIC AREASafety & Security

Objectives of the service

This feasibility study focuses on the determination of the feasibility of using satellite based Earth observation, navigation, and communications services to provide a cost effective operational solution to support the surveillance of land borders. The study specifically targets the land border control situation in areas outside regular border checkpoints. These areas are often characterised by rough or mountainous terrain and can be difficult to access.

The aim is to develop a set of services that can be used by border agencies as part of a comprehensive border control system. The expected benefits are to provide cost effective border control systems in areas where traditional border control solutions are difficult, or expensive to operate.

Users and their needs

The Hellenic Police, who belongs to the Ministry of Protection of Citizens, is the single user in this study. The Hellenic Police (EL.AS) which has around 55.000 members is a law enforcement agency and is comprised of central, regional and tactical services.

Service/ system concept

The concept is to provide the following services:

  • Border Mapping
  • Border Monitoring
  • Border Surveillance
  • Border Patrol Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Common Operational Picture
  • Meteorological information

Space Added Value

It is expected that space will provide added value if all, or some of the following conditions are met:

  • There is a border control problem
  • The area of concern is remote
  • The area of concern is in a rugged environment
  • A cost effective solution is required

Current Status

The project has now been completed. The key conclusions are:

  • Space based services are useful to border guards.
  • There are no significant barriers to the provision of such services.
  • There are significant markets for such services in Europe and worldwide.
  • The cost benefits make space based systems suitable for those circumstances where the border is rugged or remote and there is a border control problem.

The results have also shown that the use of space assets for the surveillance of borders is feasible under some circumstances.

Astrium has decided that further work, mainly the provision of a pre-operational service, should be done in a demonstration project.

Status Date

Updated: 12 January 2012 - Created: 15 February 2014