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Objectives of the service


Global air quality forecasts

Air quality impacts our health and quality of life. We develop analytical services to mitigate the impact of air pollution on people’s health. We combine air pollution satellite data with other data sets like weather and population density to create hourly air quality covering the world.

Symptom tracking and dose-response functions

The forecasts are displayed on a mobile app to end-users. The users can also track their own symptoms to air pollution and pollen. We combine the registered symptoms with our forecasts using machine learning to develop dose-response functions for individual users. The users can then better understand their symptom triggers and take actions to avoid exposure to these.

Pollen forecasts

Many users with respiratory issues are affected by a combination of air pollution, temperature, humidity and pollen. To help these users and people with pollen allergy, we are developing a pollen model to quantify and forecast pollen levels. 

Users and their needs

Our key customers are people with non-lethal diseases triggered by air pollution and pollen. Globally there are at least 1,5 billion people affected by asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis or pollen allergies.

Major user groups:

  • People who suffers from periodic asthma, sneezing or coughing and parents with children suffering from asthma/respiratory issues (global coverage)
    • Need precise forecasts and advice to plan their daily actions, the goal being to reduce exposure
    • Need to understand what triggers their symptoms
    • Need forecasts and advice to plan travel
    • Could use profiling of locations to decide on where to buy a house
  • People allergic to one or more pollen types (Europe, possibly North America)
    • Need alerts well before pollen season starts in their location, to start medication in time

Want forecasts to better plan their days (exposure and medication)

Service/ system concept

App - Key capabilities to users

  • Air Quality (PM2.5) hourly forecast for 7 days (Global)
  • Pollen forecasts and 1-week warning for pollen season start (Europe)
  • Logging and analysis of individual symptom triggers
  • Community map – see how other users react to pollen and air quality

API data sales

  • Pollen and air quality forecasts (output from models)

Space Added Value

Air quality models

  • From Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P: Particulate matter (PM2.5)
  • Will be used to calculate air pollution levels and calibrate our air quality forecast models

Pollen models

  • Aiming to use vegetation index from Sentinel-2 to determine chlorophyll levels. This in turn predicts the pollen release.
  • Few pollen models are currently available on the market, the satellite approach will give us a potential global coverage and competitive advantage. 

Current Status

Model development

  • Model for estimating air quality globally is operational, results can be seen in the mobile app and API
  • Model for pollen actuals and forecasts in Europe is operational, results can be seen in the mobile app
  • First model for dose-response model (correlation between user’s symptoms and external parameters) is operational, available in the mobile app

App and web development

  • AIRMINE app available on Google Play and Appstore
  • A web page is available where regularly post blog on air quality and pollen are posted
  • A pilot period has been completed, during which users  have been reached through social media and advertising campaigns.
  • Improvement of the app are on going

Sensor with integration to our models

  • The air quality and pollen sensor is in pilot testing. Paying pilot customers will start using the product in April 2021
  • Pollen forecasts based on sensor data and our models are in development


  • PM2.5 forecasts are available as API at RapidAPI

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Status Date

Updated: 24 March 2021 - Created: 10 February 2020