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Objectives of the service

 Image credit: Awake.AI, Project MTrader

Awake.AI is the thruster that is helping maritime operators move towards smart & optimized shipping. 

MTrader project enables trading of maritime port services and products, while the launch of Marketplace with the support of ESA will enable more efficient, recurring and even automated trading for ships making port calls.  

Marine ports have not seen this powerful Marketplace with services & products for the whole port activities. With the utilisation of space-based assets, advanced digital services can be offered, such as:

  • Oil spill detection
  • Air and sea weather observations and provision of forecasts 
  • Ship arrival predictions through machine learning
  • Smart weather warnings
  • Detection of sea ice coverage
  • Local and space-based observation of ports and their surrounding areas
  • Air quality monitoring (ports)

Additionally, through powerful APIs, the Awake platform enables other companies to build and host digital products on Awake’s Marketplace.

Users and their needs

The targeted user segments are port authorities, terminal operators, shipping agents, shipping lines, port service providers and cargo owners all over the world.

These segments share common needs such as:

  • Faster, automated trading of recurring port calls as well as other operational needs
  • Visibility to services quality and ability to participate in quality improvements
  • More efficient trading through increasing the competition and co-operation in port services and products
  • Access to new digital services tailored for ports
  • Transparency in the delivery of services & products with modern mobile tools
  • Precise, trustable weather information from multiple sources like satellite data, weather services and data from installed local sensors

Service/ system concept

The main functionality of the Marketplace is trading of:

  • Services 
  • Digital and physical products
  • Digital content

Some of the fundamental user functions are to maintain the products catalogue, maintain organisations profile page, update user accounts, performing trading with varying levels of permissions and do reporting and financial settlements. 

Marketplace is built on top of Awake’s maritime platform for ports that has been developed in the past 2 years. Therefore, MTrader’s Marketplace is a modern cloud hosted, microservices based scalable, highly available and secure solution.

Image credit: Awake.AI, Project MTrader


Space Added Value

MTrader will utilise data provided by the entire Sentinel fleet (ESA) as well as Earth Observation data from other satellite data providers. Additionally, AIS (terrestrial and satellite) plays a significant role in the project which will also require Satellite Navigation data for the delivery of its advanced features.

Current Status

Image credit: Awake.AI, Project MTrader

This is an image from the public homepage of the Marketplace.

The project is proceeding according to schedule. The capturing of User Needs and Requirements (User, System) was accomplished successfully in spring 2021 while at present the system’s architecture design is in place. A lot of attention is given in the development of the commercial sustainability of the proposed service. Therefore, aspects such as the provision of strong financial indicators, credible forecasts and establishment of new engagements to ensure market penetration are in place. The future activities will involve laboratory verification of all the technical aspects of the solution prior to running a pilot in real ports.

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Status Date

Updated: 26 October 2021 - Created: 26 October 2021