Organic Plausibility Checker

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Objectives of the service

organic plausability objectives

Organic Plausibility Checker aims to minimize fraud in the organic food supply chain and to increase trust in the sector. Combining satellite imagery with state of art Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a supply chain mass-balance system, we are providing the API that covers the remote monitoring of your field, check the organic integrity, and ensure the transparency of organic food from growers to consumers.

Users and their needs

Our potential customers are from the organic sector and from across the globe: organic control bodies, farmers associations and organic supply chain parties. With growing organic markets supply chains are getting ever more complex. Thus, ensuring the integrity of products is a huge challenge. Users need at least the correct field location, monitoring of field sizes, yields, certification status of operators, and the product flow. In addition, the Covid pandemic underlined that stakeholders will increasingly introduce remote technologies for data gathering, inspection and surveillance.

Service/ system concept

organic plausability service concept

Organic plausibility checker service is using a wide range of satellite imagery. Using medium resolution satellite data i.e., Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Landsat-8, GreenEO has developed a level 2 image processing technique. Additionally, we are using field level data, weather, and soil data along with AI technology to develop a model. Moreover we are using high resolution Planet Scope Level 1 satellite imagery to cover small-holder farmers. Organic control bodies are using the final service in the form of web application.

Space Added Value

Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 satellite imagery were accessed from Copernicus mission, Landsat 8 satellite imagery from NASA mission. Organic control bodies are using location based API for providing us the organic field location data.
Using of earth observation data, our organic plausibility checker service is enabling organic control bodies to authenticate their data which will prevent the likelihood of fraud.

Current Status

The project kicked-off at the beginning of June 2021. Organic control bodies, experts, accreditation bodies, standard setters, authorities, and other organisations active in the organic sectors have been surveyed by online questionnaire comprising of 62 questions to understand their need to prevent organic food fraud using earth observation technology. The mailing list for the online questionnaire survey included 971 contact addresses from 450 organic control bodies globally. For collecting inspected organic field location and any organic nonconformity, an API (application programming interface) has been developed and the collected data immediately can be stored in the central database for the third-party access. Later on, the collected organic field locations are being checked by using satellite imagery. Additionally, the field area and yield data verification is done by using satellite imagery.

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Status Date

Updated: 17 January 2022 - Created: 17 January 2022