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Objectives of the service

RANGLO objectives

Ovinto wants to deliver a data integration and predictive analytics service for rail freight in the UK. Our unique, complementary software platform will help and feed the existing software infrastructure for different users and customers, connecting any relevant internal & external data source to make non-flexible software modules/silos extremely flexible through collaboration, data exchange and integration.

The sector as a whole operates in data silos. Automating/optimising the interaction between shippers as well as with the owners, operators, freight forwarders, workshops and the infrastructure manager will reduce costs, reduce manual work (copying data from one application to another) and human errors much further.

Additional data integration and exchange services will be built in a promising UK context.

Users and their needs

The Ovinto services will facilitate data exchange between different stakeholders, linked to the exact use case

  1. shipment information (location, fill level and train composition based on the Ovinto patented non-intrusive sensors, …) exchange between shippers, and with operators, freight forwarders, the infrastructure manager 

  2. electronic consignment note creation and exchange (shipper, operator, infrastructure manager), 

  3. electronic cleaning documents integration into the customers ERP system (shippers, workshops) 

  4. maintenance data exchange  (based on the Ovinto compo-tag for train integrity, axle data management between owner and workshop), trend analysis based on Earth Observation data to indicate e.g. parking at shunting yards (infrastructure manager) or at estimate the waiting line at workshops (owners, workshops, shippers).

Service/ system concept

The first service/use case can be schematised as follows: the GNSS data is processed by the telemetry device. Together with other sensor data inputs, everything is sent to via Sat Comm or via a terrestrial network to the cloud, where it is combined with other data bases to a customised one-stop solution for rail freight in the UK.

Figure D.2 3 the UK version of the Ovinto platform

The Communication module allows users to exchange data with a stakeholder. Examples are shipments for which the customer account manager can choose on field level what should be visible to whom - the owner may see for example GNSS derived mileage and speed but not the customer/product transported, the receiving customer may see all exact locations of the transport coming her way, etc. Another service links data between different official and partner stakeholders in rail freight, such as Network Rail for consignment note data exchange, Electronic Cleaning Documents with the concerned logistics operators etc. 

Space Added Value

The relevant Thematic Domain of the Space4Rail call is the improvement of the attractiveness of the railway, as the project intends to implement new services for rail freight users based on space asset generated data. In doing so, the shippers and other stakeholders will be more inclined to rely on rail freight as the reliable, greener option to transport their good sold.

Telemetry data for wagons is always capturing SatNav data as a minimum. Some telemetry players use SatCom to transmit the data from the sensors to the computing environment. Evonik and Ineos have already expressed their willingness to equip their UK based fleet with Ovinto  ATEX devices. The current Ovinto SatCom provider now faces new-space challengers, who could potentially be viable technology provider for several applications to be developed based on the existing Ovinto patents.

Current Status

The pilot users are getting started now to test the developed services. Agile sprints and short cycles are foreseen to immediately incorporate feedback and additional requests. The service architecture will be stress tested and the visibility of the project must be raised in order to motivate more stakeholders to discover the value that can be released. 

Prime Contractor(s)

Status Date

Updated: 05 August 2022 - Created: 22 November 2021