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Remote Planet

  • ACTIVITYDemonstration Project
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  • THEMATIC AREATransport & Logistics, Safety & Security

Objectives of the service

The need for secure and efficient asset management has never been greater. With its innovative technology, Remote Planet is a step forward in the way we control and manage assets, enabling customers to do so remotely, effortlessly, and securely.

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Accessing remote assets efficiently is a challenge that many industries are facing today. When shipments, buildings, utilities equipment and vehicles are in remote locations, it can be difficult to find ways to monitor and protect these valuable assets. Safeguarding vulnerable people and infrastructure in remote locations can also be complex, as it requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account various factors such as security, safety, and logistics. By simply controlling our global assets and infrastructure remotely and efficiently, we can protect people, save time and cost, and help to recover assets.

Users and their needs

Safeguarding people, assets and the planet.

The project is designed to roll out into different distinct markets in three phases. The initial market is Cash Management; the cash-in-transit, banking and retail sectors in which Secure Innovation currently successfully operates. Remote Planet is fitted to vehicles, ATM’s and the ibox, a secure cash carrying box. This allows for monitoring, management, tracking, and recovery of assets in the event of a theft.

[remote-planet-02-cash-management.png ] [© Secure Innovation 2024 ]

The second phase moves into Secure Logistics, covering operations and transportation. This opens up opportunities for Remote Planet to enter various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, premium electronics, valuable goods, bullion, and jewellery. Additionally, it allows for the monitoring of extended supply chains in areas like aerospace and engine manufacturing. Assemblies with high value and those with expensive consequences of stock unavailability make Remote Planet a highly beneficial solution for customers in this sector.

[remote-planet-03-operations-logistics.png ] [© Secure Innovation 2024 ]

Phase three extends the reach of Remote Planet to protect people in high-risk locations and enable management of essential services and infrastructure in remote locations. 

Ensuring the safety of people is paramount. With its advanced technology, Remote Planet allows for easy tracking and monitoring of personnel and operations. This affords the ability to effectively plan routes and constantly oversee activities, while also granting the capability to remotely activate safety measures if needed. Moreover, the always-on communication, backed by LEO technology, provides instant updates on location and status, enabling prompt evaluation and handling of potential threats.

 [remote-planet-04-protecting-people.png ] [© Secure Innovation 2024 ]

The utilities sector encompasses remote infrastructure, which Remote Planet effectively supports with reliable ‘always-on’ connectivity. This makes it the perfect solution for monitoring operational plants in remote locations, including waterways or oceans, regardless of GSM network strength.

[remote-planet-05-utilities-infrastructure.png ] [© Secure Innovation 2024 ]

Service/ system concept

Due to our inhouse design and development teams, Secure Innovation holds full intellectual property rights to the unique elements of Remote Planet’s constituent parts, including:

  • The Remote Planet hardware unit incorporating GSM/GNSS technology 

  • The LEO communications auto-switch and auto switchback capability.

  • Ultra-low power consumption of an independent power source.

  • Device software designed for integration with other security systems, with customisable user settings.

A smartphone app supports the system enabling encryption-controlled opening of remotely located secure sites and assets

  • The Remote Planet dashboard, including a micro services portal hosted on Microsoft Azure.  This allows users to monitor, communicate with, and control assets with customisation and using Remote Planet hardware unit. 

Space Added Value

Always-on visibility.

Remote Planet provides precise location accuracy, using multiple concurrent GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo), to enable a precise location fix, with GSM/Wi-Fi back-up. It provides geolocation functionality, allowing the setup of automatic bespoke operating and security settings for mapped-out areas with specific geographic boundaries. It is supported by Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology (Iridium), providing true ‘always-on’ global coverage, as well as serving as a back-up for GSM connectivity.

[remote-planet-06-LEO-technology.gif ] [© Secure Innovation 2024 ]

With its innovative space technology, Remote Planet advances the way we control and manage assets, enabling us to do so remotely, effortlessly, and securely.

Current Status

The on-site testing (SAT) of devices and platform across three continents has demonstrated that we have successfully met our principal objective of delivering a dual-directional command and monitoring capability with exceptional uptime for the customer base.

The 99.99% uptime, validated through the SAT programme has been possible thanks to the development of an integrated multi-media communications framework, incorporating GSM, Wi-Fi with automatic fallback to Low Earth Orbit (Iridium) while maintaining exceptional asset management capability through the dual-directional communication.

Our automated transfer logic between 4G and LEO provides a uniquely competitive solution for the industry, keeping operating costs low while maintaining reliable dual-directional command and control functionality.

Remote Planet is now available in the Secure Logistics, Aerospace and Transportation sectors with product releases for Smart safes and high-risk movement markets due later in 2024.

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Status Date

Updated: 27 June 2024