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Rivers are the veins which supply our water needs, transport our goods and offer the most diverse bio sphere. Having in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about these water resources has geo-strategic importance and impacts billions of people.


The River Nexus project is focusing on the regions around the tropical rain belt of the earth. The people that are living there are must vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Heavy rainfall leads to disastrous flood catastrophes which causes every year the loss of their homes or even their lives for thousands of people. Flood warnings hardly reach the rural communities even though they are the ones who need them the most. 

For the proper management of the surface water and floods continuous real-time measurements in the rivers are necessary. People suffer from calamites and flood catastrophes also because of lacking information or delays in information supply.  To save lives and reduce damage in affected areas, it is important to save time.

So far, in Africa, there is only a poorly developed network of active water monitoring stations to protect people from flood hazards and they often do not work in real time.

e.Ray is going to counteract this with the River Nexus project. Thanks to the support through ESA Business Incubation, we were able to setup and test our monitoring system, that measures basic parameters for water resource assessment (water level, velocity, temperatures, precipitation and pH) and transmit the data in real time to the people concerned.

The objective of River Nexus is to build a network of several thousand energy-independent measuring stations, so called GINNI (Green Independent Nexus Node Infrastructure), in rivers and canals in the equatorial regions of Latin America, Africa and Asia, the so-called rain belt of the earth. These serve for harvesting the energy of flowing water of the river and the sun, but also collecting real-time information about the rivers where they are installed. The data our applications generate is being analysed immediately - thus the way of information supply is shortened. In case of emergency „LOCAL HEROES“ receive an instant warning and are then capable to decide for further steps e.g. informing, evacuating affected areas.


Users and their needs

Additional to the collected data, GINNI enables the provision of services based on the generated electricity, like: Telecommunication services and energy for productive use – cases.

The infrastructure offers multipurpose services. However, we are mostly focusing here on the climate services:

  1. Municipalities
  2. Water Authorities / National Hydrometeorological Services
  3. International Organizations like WMO
  4. Hydrometric services & Equipment Providers
  5. Telecommunications Companies
  6. Dairy and Fish Cooperatives and Resellers
  7. RE Project Developers
  8. Local Inhabitants and
  9. Environmental Scientist and Hydrologists


Service/ system concept

The River Nexus project targets the last mile infrastructure for communities around the Earths rain belt. Each system connects to various types of satellites.

A GINNI is a hybrid system, composes of the river turbine EMOR and a solar container. EMOR includes a satellite - based monitoring system that uses GNSS - data to measure the water level, but also collects other parameters.

Thus e.Ray Europa GmbH provides instant hydrometeorological information for:

  1. revention
  2. Warnings (floods, contamination, etc.)
  3. Water resource management

The collected information is transmitted through different channels: SatCom, LPWAN(LoRa), Wifi and GSM, depending on the region, and delivered in real-time. This information is correlated with parameters from Earth Observation and provided to the end user with standard formats.  On the other hand, the surplus of energy is used for a productive service and telecommunication devices.

Space Added Value

  • Satellite Navigation (GNSS): Low cost water level measurement based on real time kinematic (cm level accuracy)
  • Satellite Communication (SatCom): Monitoring of the facilities | internet distribution for rural communities, integrating mega constellations receivers.
  • Earth Observation (EO): Micro and macro site assessment | remote monitoring of river parameters like temperature, chlorophyll and turbidity and calibration of this data via EMORs in-situ measurement

Current Status

Clean Energy: We provide access to 100 % renewable energy from hydrokinetic and photovoltaic as a base asset of our systems.

The target is first to establish a demo project that consists out of 25 GINNI - systems in our targeted regions.

We are preparing a roll-out of 2,200 GINNI along the rain belt.

Project Managers

Contractor Project Manager

Sebastian Lemke
e.Ray Europa GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
64293 Darmstadt
+49 (0) 6151 / 9504503

ESA Project Manager

Brian Tittley
ESA ECSAT, Harwell Campus. Fermi Avenue.
OX11 0QX
United Kingdom

Status Date

Updated: 02 October 2018 - Created: 02 October 2018