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Objectives of the service

The final product will be the web-based service with full support to help the clients with necessary data acquisition, data processing, analysis and reporting.

Image credit: SmallGIS Ltd, Project :SBWS

Users and their needs

The key user segments targeted by our product are institutions related to environmental monitoring.

The main actual problem is the lack of a unified approach to research and a system enabling long-term monitoring and structured data storage. It is important that the input data is reliable and that its interpretation and analysis are correct. Automatic work tools are essential to improve the work of government institutions and researchers who carry out research. The obtained data have to be consistent and harmonized, which will facilitate comparative analysis and the use of data in the future

The key innovation point for the costumer will be a new approach method in the case of use the satellite data for monitoring the spatial change of the sand Island on the rivers. This method and product approach will give the final users an easy and friendly way to use the web base service, cost-safe and time consumption to fulfil the obligatory tasks.

Service/ system concept

This SWBS service will consist of the following segments: 

  • EO Data repository – storing all the collected remote sensing data
  • Metadata server – Provide complete information about spatial data
  • Spatial data repository – storing the data collected during the field measurements by the end users 
  • Access security – permission access to the service (rules, levels etc.)
  • Analytic tools – the set of the toolbox that will let the users to fulfil the obligatory task regarding the Bird Directive. 
  • WEB Client – web interface for the end users

Apart the up to date satellite collection data and potential aerial images the service will store the processing analytics maps and statistics, ancillary data. Those solution will let to keep in a easy to use way all the spatial information regarding the Birds habitats.

The end product is designed as a web service with automated monitoring of the dynamics and distribution of sandy islands, landfills and shoals in the river current for the purposes of protecting the breeding habitats of protected bird species. The end user will have an access to a portal where the results of the analysis will be presented (including the current ranges of potential breeding habitats) and tools for searching, navigation, data visualization and analysis will be available.

Image credit: SmallGIS, Project : SBWS

Space Added Value

Mainly the satellite imagery is planned to be used, but it can be supported by aerial photogrammetric images, registered in 4 spectral channels (RGB and NIR). Also the non-spatial additional/contextual data will be collected, for example information of water level surface at the time of image registration can be obtained from the closest gauging station (the historical data are held by Institute of Meteorology and Water Management).

Also the ancillary data (air images) collection is predicted. Aerial photos can be obtained directly by SmallGIS, thanks to having an air base (2 ultralight planes) and appropriate sensors (RGBI cameras).

Collecting Data. Image credit: SmallGIS, Project : SBWS

Current Status

Currently the project is in the phase of gathering user requirements, designing the system and data acquisition and harmonisation. So far, 3 workshops with Regional Directorate of Environmental Monitoring in Warsaw have been carried out, which provided a significant contribution to requirements gathering and planning of the future system. Also aerial data acquisition have been performed with particular emphasis on the areas indicated by users as the most important ones. RGB and NIR images and also LIDAR data have been acquired and now are being processed. 

During the next months a release of the initial version Web Portal with first analytical tools is planned.

Image credit : SmallGIS, project SBWS

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Updated: 27 September 2021 - Created: 27 September 2021