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  • ACTIVITYDemonstration Project
  • STATUSOngoing
  • THEMATIC AREATransport & Logistics, Safety & Security, Finance, Investment & Insurance, Maritime and Aquatic

Objectives of the service


"Image credit: Sirius Constellation Limited"

The increasing availability of satellite Earth Observation (EO) data is revolutionising situational awareness capabilities. The risk, however, is that operators will not be able to assimilate, understand and react knowledgeably to all the available data but will suffer from data deluge.  Important (possibly life-saving) opportunities to prevent or respond to incidents will be missed. Sirius brings together current and developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with proven operational expertise and end-user understanding to create a new platform delivering Actionable Intelligence.  This real-time situational awareness, with automated feature detection and classification, will further incorporate accountable machine-prompted actions initially in the maritime environment.

Users and their needs

SiriusInsight is designed for those who want to understand what is happening in the maritime domain. An operator is able to identify, classify and understand contacts of interest in real-time, with applications in a wide range of commercial and non-commercial industries including shipping, insurance, oil and gas exploration and production, commercial security companies, logistics (including whole supply chain analysis), fishery protection, ports and search and rescue. There is much discussion about the digitisation of the shipping world (ship-management, ports etc.) and SiriusInsight provides the right capability at the right time for these developments.

SiriusInsight is targeting a global market, and currently has clients in UK and Europe.

Service/ system concept

The SiriusInsight® platform integrates technologies that it has developed in close collaboration with British Universities.  Pioneering computer vision techniques are being applied to sensor data from Satellite, Aerial, At-Sea and Coastal sensors.  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence power new behavioural analytics which alert operators to anomalous activity at sea.

SiriusInsight service concept

Space Added Value

SiriusInsight was conceived to make better use of spaceborne assets.  Its capabilities include 

  • Computer vision of earth observation imagery

  • Pattern of life analysis and anomaly detection using Satellite AIS 

  • Fusion of satellite AIS with data from terrestrial sensors

  • Satellite Communications from remote locations

Current Status

The project has developed three products and brought them through pilot demonstration and utilisation up to commercialisation.

The Shipping Forecast™– marine hull risk tool

SiriusInsight current status

The Sanction Tool – helping owners, regulators and financiers track vessel traffic and usage 

SiriusInsight current status

Pulsar – real time information for border security 

SiriusInsight current status

All three products have generated commerical revenue durinhg the project and by end of the project the products were profitable and had recovered their invetsment cost.

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Status Date

Updated: 27 November 2023