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Objectives of the service

“Space For Children” is an innovative medical edutainment experience, based on Interactive Reality solution and playable by smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems.

Through Fanta-Comedy interactive mini-stories (starring real actors, not 3D models), Space for Children allows young users to acquire fundamental information about the difficult context in which they find themselves (for instances coronavirus outbreak), during their isolation time (for quarantine restriction) in a healthy and educative way, by interacting through an engaging and entertaining storytelling with the protagonists and their stories.

The main objective of this interactive experience is to convert the perception of the Coronavirus Outbreak of children and young people (which it has been shown have generated stress, anxiety, fears, etc.).

By recreating -thanks to gamification- a “comfort zone” for children, Space for Children collect valuable information and give doctors and professionals the opportunity to analyze the emotional needs and the psychological support  to be offered to children and the family community.

Users and their needs

The main challenge targeted by “Space for Children” is to provide both citizens and professionals with a new digital educational and psychological tool to gain greater knowledge of the effects of the Covid19 epidemic in the community of children and their families and to give access to qualitative and quantitative data on psychological and emotional perception .

Filtering and interpreting in the correct way notions and information related to Covid Outbreak means contributing to recreate a “comfort zone” that the emergency has destabilized for the children&kids community. Not all the children&kids respond to the same stimuli and suggestions both in terms of learning and emotionality: the discomfort produced by a modus informandi not suited to the profile and age of very young people is too often underestimated, and risks amplifying in the consciousness of the child/kid that feeling of discomfort already induced by the emergency situation and its aftermath.

For this reason it is important that the contents are correct and validated by a team of experts in the field of pediatrics and child/kid caring, just as it is important that the contents are engaging and interactive: through the right calibration of the storytelling elements and of the information and psychological support techniques, the contents of Space For Children, changing according to the user how they are used, where they are used, will be a valid ally in facing Covid Outbreak and the changes that will result in the life of our children&kids community 

Service/ system concept

A high level block diagram of the system/service showing the key attributes and key building blocks and the main interfaces is provided in the figure below

With reference to the figure above, the architecture of the system consists of the following elements:

  • iOS app (available to download from Apple Store )
  • Android App (available to download from Google Play Store)
  • Content Selection Remote Service
  • Geographical Restrictions Remote Service and Back-Office Web App
  • Remote Database

Space Added Value

Satellite Navigation is a fundamental element of the solution to deliver the right message in the right way at the right children and kids.

As each restriction policy changes the behavioral approaches and guidelines that citizens must adopt, then the platform will adapt the information to be communicated to users.

Current Status

Currently the development of the App (video shooting and software infrastructure) both for iOS and Android are on going.

Status Date

Updated: 19 March 2021 - Created: 19 March 2021