STAY - A platform for gamifying positive behaviours during the COVID-19 crisis

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Objectives of the service

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Young people lost their liberty and their voice during the COVID-19 pandemic. The STAY platform has been created in answer to this.

Many young people have been facing what will be one of the most challenging periods of their life so far. Their movement has been restricted, as have their social interactions. There is a terrifying threat consuming the media, their online conversations and the conversation of their parents or carers. 'Normal' has been redefined and everything is changing at a rapid pace.

STAY provides a framework that allows for their wellbeing and mental health to be supported whilst encouraging and rewarding positive actions during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

STAY’s partners wish to deliver impactful, compelling, and most importantly repeatedly engaging messaging to their audiences, to drive awareness, effect behaviour change and reinforce positive action.

This flexible platform provides a solution that can be rapidly and inexpensively deployed and branded to whatever content, design and contextual data they require.

Users and their needs

The STAY platform is built with end users aged between 8 and 21 years old in mind. They are the existing or targeted audiences of the project’s communications partners.

Communications partners range from localised organisations to national and international charities.

Every partner organisation will be given the framework to empower their audience and enable end users to:

STAY: Healthy
STAY: Happy
STAY: Updated
STAY: Learning
STAY: Green
STAY: Home

A medical and ethical board has been assembled to ensure that STAY is a positive reinforcement within its target audiences. They are tackling issues of compelling gameplay and the ethical background of the project to optimise for positive mental health benefits and engagement.

Service/ system concept

STAY has two user bases, the end user (young people) and the partner organisations.

Partner organisations are given a framework that allows them to create and manage branded experiences for their audience. A Content Management System (CMS) allows challenges to be created for end users by the partner organisations. Partner organisations will apply pieces of digital merchandise (dynamic badges) to the successful completion of these challenges.

Young people access the experience by visiting a URL/web-link, this takes them to a fully branded experience for the relevant partner organisation. The platform introduces the young person and delivers them a series of challenges that are relevant to them, delivered by the partner organisation.

The mobile web experience will pitch challenges at end users in a variety of forms inclusive of Augmented Reality experiences that unfold in a user’s locality, watch-and-answer mechanics and multiple choice questions - succeeding at these challenges will unlock a badge that the user collects.

Badges are designed to be earned and personalised using a range of space data.                                                   

Space Added Value

Space data is key to the STAY platform. Geo-location allows partner organisations the ability to reward based on a user staying in the controlled location or undertaking controlled exercise.

The platform integrates Earth Observation data into its content and rewards systems, enabling experiences to educate and react to localised changes in pollution and reduction of nitrogen dioxide concentrations during and after the lockdown.

Satellite imagery is woven into localised rewards for users giving the STAY platform the ability to automate the localisation of gaming experiences for users, wherever they may be.

Current Status

The project started begin June 2020. The technical build of the STAY platform has begun in earnest with the start of July 2020 signifying the end of the second development sprint. This sees the groundwork being laid for the overarching platform and gives STAY the ability to begin creating the badge system that end users will unlock their rewards through.

Landmrk have enlisted the team at CHY Consultancy to oversee the formation of a Medical and Ethical Advisory Board. This advisory board feeds into the creation of the STAY platform and how a rewards based system should be created for a young audience. The board has already met on two occasions.

Three partner organisations have been confirmed. These launch pilot partners include community services organisation - Calico Group, black history educational group - BLAM and UK based HIV awareness charity TackleAfrica.

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Status Date

Updated: 26 August 2020 - Created: 26 August 2020