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UnitGate Satellite Broker

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Objectives of the service

Provide Easy Access to Any Satellite Services - with real time access to any satellite service offered by Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Intelsat, Starlink, Eutelsat…  Satellite Broker offer any satellite reseller even small resellers direct real-time access to provisioning, billing, monitoring in a uniform interface - One API to The Sky - a complete inexpensive satellite business environment that removes the need for any technical implementation - Satellite Communication made Easy.

Integrate own environment directly to satellite broker or simply use our satellite business environment that connects with plug & play and instantly offer full access to services without having a license for each of the listed networks. All satellite services will be managed in own platform no need to access different remote provider webpages, and full end-customer self-care end-to-end.

Users and their needs

Resellers that want easy and non-technical access to any satellite constellation.

Target users are the many Tier2 satellite resellers that need to buy their satellite services through the few Tier1 satellite resellers - the main problem is that no Tier1 offer API integration limiting any real time-operations, only web portals are offered for manual intervention.

Service/ system concept

Make Direct and Real time access to Satellites Easy - One API to The Sky.

A world-wide satellite broker platform for satellite resellers (tier2) to offer their consumer customers a uniform interface to any communication satellite service. An environment that makes it extremely easy and simple to access any satellite service with a single API interface or a single portal connected to the same API, i.e. our Unity Satellite Business Environment as portal.  Today satellite connectivity is very difficult and demand high technical skills - a satellite broker will make it very simple and offer large cost saving for connected resellers!

Directly connected to the major satellite network operators like Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Intelsat, Starlink, Eutelsat and similar - some through direct API integration and other through API integration with major resellers. All delivering direct provisioning, real time billing and instant monitoring end to end.

Satellite broker acts as a gateway between the complicated satellite interfaces and the reseller or customer that want to utilize these satellite services - and offer all through a uniform interface having transparent end to end connectivity as if being connected directly with, for example, an Enterprise license.

Space Added Value

Satellite broker service facilitates easier and better access to any satellite service for resellers without demanding that resellers get their own licenses for the many different satellite systems.

It turns all the many complicated satellite interfaces into a single uniform interface that offer real time end to end access.

Current Status

Satellite broker has been developed at the same time as the feasibility study was performed, so that the broker today is ready to take the first customers onboard.

Satellite broker is connected to all Inmarsat Enterprise Services with BGAN, GSPS, M2M and IDP, and in the progress of getting enabled with Inmarsat FBB, Inmarsat GX, Iridium Openport, Iridium Certus, Intelsat Flex and Starlink.
The first handful of customers are in the process of being added.

As soon as Maritime Satellite services have been added will we start to target the first of the many identified potential customers.

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Status Date

Updated: 18 February 2023