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Objectives of the service

The objective of this service is to improve monitoring of changes in water resources of individual lakes and reservoirs to support optimised hydropower production planning, improve price predictions and market analysis.

Users and their needs

In order to operate the hydropower system in an effective and environmentally-friendly way, the sector needs to utilize new opportunities for obtaining better data input on available water resources to improve their operations and to meet requirements from the society.  

Today, existing solutions in the market provide data on available water resources on aggregated level for a region. This leads to inaccuracies in modelling estimations and production planning, leading to loss in income and in-efficiencies on use of water for power production.

With additional information on water volume and energy filling levels of individual hydro power reservoirs production planners and energy traders can maximize profits and market analysts can further strengthen their understanding of market movements. 

Service/ system concept

The Concept of the service is to provide continuous updates of information to hydropower production planners, commodity energy analysts and traders.

Following products for individual hydropower reservoirs will be delivered with this service at least on a weekly basis;

  • Filling levels (%)
  • Water volume (m3)
  • Water level (m)
  • Energy potential (GWh)

With these products users will have access to information which is today not available in the market enabling them to maximize profits, optimize hydropower production scheduling and further improving market analysis.

The underlying concept is to track changes of water surfaces on hydropower reservoirs utilizing Earth Observation data. Radar images from Sentinel 1a/b sensors are utilized. Radar enables measurements during cloudy conditions. However, during melting/freezing periods a reliable distinction between water and land is difficult. To enable all year deliveries and fill data gaps when satellite data is not available machine learning based methodology is applied.


Space Added Value

Space assets used in this demonstration project are radar images from Earth Observation Satellites Sentinel 1a/b.

Current Status

The project is currently producing data and water products for approximately 50 hydropower lakes in Norway. The systems is operational and automatically generating new data on a weekly basis for the standard products while custom made products can be generated on a daily basis.  

The products are currently being demonstrated to potential clients in the Nordics.

The Final Review of the WaterInfo Demonstration Project was successfully held 24 April 2020. An extension of the project is in preparation to further develop the product to be useable in areas where no or very limited information on water levels is available.  

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Status Date

Updated: 12 July 2018 - Created: 12 July 2018