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The objective of this service is to improve monitoring of changes in water resources of individual lakes and reservoirs to support optimised hydropower production planning, more accurate electricity market and price predictions and increased knowledge on the environmental footprint caused by hydropower operations.

Users and their needs

In order to operate the hydropower system in an effective and environmentally-friendly way, the sector needs to utilize new opportunities for obtaining better data input on available water resources to improve their operations and to meet requirements from the society.   

Today, existing solutions in the market provide data on available water resources on aggregated level for a region. This leads to inaccuracies in modelling estimations and production planning, leading to loss in income and in-efficiencies on use of water for power production. 

Production planners and electricity traders require more detailed overview of available water resources in a power system to optimise production planning and price predictions in the market. 


Service/ system concept

The WaterInfo service will demonstrate the potential of the following products; 

  • Water Surface Area
  • Water Level
  • Water Volume
  • Water Energy Potential Index
  • Shape of Water Surface Area 

The service shall be implemented and provided on regular basis for a period to the user groups and customers giving them the ability to evaluate and consider purchase of a commercial service. 

The contribution of the project is to transform the prototype and semi-automatic production chain to become fully automatic and pre-operational. In this case the fully automatic means, downloading of satellite measurements, production of water surface area and the other derived products listed above without any manual interaction and delivery to customer without any manual interaction on a continuous basis. A high-level service architecture is shown in below; 


The approach is to classify radar imagery covering lakes and distinguishing water covered area from land. By use of time-series of data, the changes in water resources of a lake can be studied. High order products such as water level can be produced by using other data from customers and other organizations.

Space Added Value

Space assets used in this demonstration project will be primarily from Earth Observation Satellites Sentinel 1a/b.

Current Status

The project is currently ending Phase 1 of the demonstration project.

Status Date

Updated: 12 July 2018 - Created: 12 July 2018