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Objectives of the service

The last mile, the moment when the package finally arrives at the customer’s door, is today one of the main challenges in logistics. It is the most expensive and slowest part of the shipping process - accounts for about 50% percent of delivery cost. This is mainly due to the inefficiency of last mile delivery - incorrect address, difficulty finding locations, no one at home to receive orders and likelihood of returns.

By using GNSS data collected from the mobile devices and using mapping imagery, YouShip finds the best courier for each delivery, which is the best route to follow and which is the most appropriate pick-up and delivery locations. For example, when a new delivery is requested, the closest courier will notified and can divert its route to pickup the package.

Users and their needs

YouShip’s service is targeted to:

  • Retail and online stores: YouShip facilitates the shipping process, by offering a cheaper and faster solution and providing real-time shipment visibility.
  • Couriers: the platform allows access to many customers and delivery services where the couriers can find delivery services to their daily routes.

Service/ system concept

YouShip in real-time matches the couriers according to the packages type, delivery windows, and locations. Its AI-powered algorithms find and notify the right courier to the right location at the right schedule time.

All this, through a mobile application, where the shippers request deliveries, the couriers complete the jobs and everyone communicate in real time.

The below figure shows the architecture of the system that is being developed.

Space Added Value

YouShip uses the location calculated by GNSS multi-constellation and dual-frequency chipsets to gets an accurate position close to 1-2 meters in urban environment. The added value of using satellite imagery is to provide a map to the couriers with high positional.

By using accurate position and providing up-to-date imagery the couriers can instantly identify the correct pickup and dropoff locations and save time and costs.

Current Status

The company's vision is to build the most efficient delivery on demand service for local deliveries. Currently, a prototype is available and it is used as a baseline to improve the user needs and user requirements. 

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Status Date

Updated: 26 October 2020 - Created: 26 October 2020