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Space for UK on COVID-19


Space helping UK on COVID-19 and other pandemics

Portal for information about the Open Call for Proposals AO10336 "Space helping UK on COVID-19 and other pandemics"



This Open Call for Proposals, setup in cooperation with the UK Space Agency (UKSA), calls for activities to facilitate the quick integration and deployment of concrete and sustainable solutions to contribute to help alleviate the stress on the UK healthcare ecosystem provoked by the COVID-19 outbreak, making use of the different advantages provided by space-based products and services.

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Please note the following important points before you decide to prepare your submission:

  1. This initiative is proposed and supported by Space Agencies, and as such the proposed activity shall involve the use of some space technologies (i.e. satellite communications, satellite navigation, images from Earth Observation satellites, technologies coming for the human space flight).
  2. The proposed activity shall include a deployment of the solution and, wherever possible, a pilot utilisation of the solution, to be performed within the UK health system.
  3. Only ONE submission per company is allowed. In case of multiple submissions, only the first one will be evaluated.
  4. The selection of the project is based on a 2 steps approach, as indicated below: Outline Proposal (First Step) and Full Proposal (Second Step).
  5. An answer will be obtained from ESA only if the Outline Proposal is pre-selected for the next stage, i.e. the submission of the Full Proposal. In such a case, the feedback will be provided within 15 days maximum/latest from the Outline Proposal submission to ESA.
  6. The evaluation of the Full Proposal will be executed following the submission in the ESA system. The Full Proposal will require a “Letter(s) of Authorisation of Funding” (AOF) from the relevant National Delegation(s) of the entities involved in the proposed activity. This requirement does not apply for UK entities as UKSA has pre-authorised this Open Call for Proposals. The allocation for the budget will be done according to the time of reception of Full Proposal that will be successfully evaluated.
  7. Selected activities can be funded up to 80% for SMEs, Universities and Research Institutes, and up to 50% for non SMEs.

Applicants are invited to download the full information package including eligibility requirements about this call, which is available on ESA tendering system (EMITS):

Please note that you need to register your entity (free) in our system to be able to retrieve the information. This can be done here:


First Step

After having accessed the full information package in EMITS, the First Step is the preparation and submission of an Outline Proposal following THIS TEMPLATE.

When compiled in all this parts, the Word file has to be saved with name: "CV19-UK [Your Project Name].docx" and submitted in Word document format (not as PDF) via the web form submitter accessed through the following address:

or can be sent as attachment to the following email address: indicating "CV19-UK [Your Project Name]" as subject.

In case your Outline Proposal is selected, you will be contacted by ESA about the pre-selection outcome, and you will be informed on how to prepare the Second Step.

Second Step

The second step can be undertaken for Outline Proposals that have been successfully evaluated by ESA. The bidder may request the help of ESA to support a fast completion and submission of the Full Proposal. Please note that the submission of the Full Proposal needs to be via the esa-star system, as indicated in the information package.

The following documentation applies for the second step:



Latest Information

 Date Note
14Apr2020 The Open Call for Proposals has been published today on EMITS (ESA's Electronic Tendering System). 
14May2020 The Outline Proposal Template has been updated (ver.1.16 now) to add in section 3.3 the amount of the Price of the activity (the funding requested to ESA). Please make sure you use the latest one before you submit it!
15May2020 The 'Excel FP Tool CV19-UK' has been updated to fix a bug in the calcualtion of the Key Personnel allocation to the different WPs. Please make sure you use the latest version to build your Full Proposal.
29Oct2020 The call has been extended to 15 January 2021