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Lorenzo Scatena,
Giorgio Licciardi,
Mattia Danieli,
Eleonora Lombardi

Research Consortium HYPATIA

Via del Politecnico snc
Rome 00133
Phone(+39) 068567495
We reckon space assets to be key enabler of new business and services benefiting civil society. AP-IT promotes the development of operational services driven by user needs, exploiting synergies between space and other domains.


Hypatia is a Research Consortium of companies grouping various R&D organisations and universities, located in Rome. It aims at promoting research projects to exploit Technology Transfer in everyday life.

After the signature of a partnership agreement with the Italian Space Agency, Hypatia opened its activities to the space sector through the creation of the Key Enabling Technology Laboratory - KETLAB - an Italian high-innovation scientific centre for applied research and technological innovation in the field of Enabling Technologies and Space-Earth Technology Transfer. Indeed, the Ambassador Platform for Italy (AP-IT) for ARTES IAP is managed by the Research Consortium Hypatia, in line with KETLAB activities.


Italy is one of the main European countries for funding contribution to the space industry and involvement in European space infrastructures (e.g. Copernicus and Galileo). The Italian commitment, on both space infrastructures and downstream applications and services, is an essential requirement to maximize return of the investments and, at the same time, to extend Italian competitiveness and role in upstream and downstream markets.

AP-IT is an effective instrument that the Italian delegation intends to implement in order to amplify range and effectiveness of its engagement to ARTES IAP and to stimulate the Italian socio-economic business environment. AP-IT will play the role of facilitator to trigger a technical-cultural change in the solution approach for emerging needs of civil society. In this sense, AP-IT supports the Italian space strategic objectives and aims at involving industries, SMEs and Academia in forging the New Space Economy, i.e. services and applications essentially based on the downstream market.

The opening Integrated Applications market is potentially huge and its dimension is strictly linked to the bearer of original, innovative and disruptive solutions. It is paramount to successfully reach out to stakeholders, presenting the opportunities of utilising space technologies and infrastructures with concrete and sustainable solutions to satisfy their needs, to offer new products or services and increase their competitiveness. This new approach inevitably attracts the investors’ interests, thus supporting economic growth and stimulating technological innovation. Indeed, encouraging space investments in new space applications means promoting a culture of awareness and involvement in space, not only at local and national level but also globally.

The downstream space sector represents a huge opportunity to develop business and innovative services. With AP-IT support, it will be easier to increase market opportunities in term of size and quality, facilitating the access of newcomers, not familiar with space domain and associated services, allowing them to adopt space services and technologies for the improvement of their business and even to enable new business models.

Italy is characterized by many excellences in R&D and its industrial sector is dominated by SMEs undertaking innovation and performing in competitive international arena. In order to facilitate their participation to the ARTES IAP Programme opportunities, it is essential to ensure quick and easy access to funding and good partnerships for both experienced companies and newcomers. This is the main mandate of AP-IT, according to national priorities provided by the Italian Space Agency, with the aim of leading them on a long term strategy and ensuring the sustainability of the proposed space based services and applications. 


AP-IT has identified the following main areas, in accordance to the national industrial environment, market profile, trends and resources, as initial priorities for Italy, where space can provide valuable enhancements:



The AP IT Team grants support to end-users and expert in space technologies, but also to those coming from different sectors and want to benefit from space applications. In particular AP IT Team activities include:

  • Brokerage activities to stimulate consortia to apply to ARTES IAP Programme
  • Technical and administrative support during the negotiation phase of the Outline Proposal conditions to obtain ASI endorsement
  • Act in order to federate users to represent common needs, be potential subscribers of future services and thus have interest in co-financing the development of the service
  • Investigate prospective for users and partners amongst ESA BICs, ESA Technology Transfer Broker Network and other national actors
  • Identification of specific call from ASI, regional, national and European funding schemes
  • AP-IT Promotion through ad hoc conferences and networking events