United Kingdom

Kenneth Gordon,
Grant Day,
Lucía F. de la Bella,
Paul Singh Bhatia,
Pier Stoppato

United Kingdom

The new Ambassador team onboarded in September 2022 has new ambitions and a new structure. They rely on the experience of Ken and Paul, but with new expertise from Grant and Lucia. They will be aided by Pier, the Coordinator and the liaison for the Space Sector.


The Business Applications UK Ambassador Platform is implemented as a network of four regional Ambassador posts embedded in different host organisations, all active in stimulating space related business development.

The UK already has a strong presence in the global space market, which is expected to continue its rapid growth, especially in downstream applications. With the support of both ESA and the UK Government, the network’s aim is to raise awareness of the available funding instruments and to identify, promote and deliver a regular supply of commercially sustainable projects that use or are enabled by space. It conducts outreach activities and provides advice and guidance on business ideas for the programme across multiple sectors and regions in the UK, by developing relationships with new and existing users and stakeholders. 



Regional Ambassador Profiles

UK Regional Ambassador - Scotland and Northern Ireland: Kenneth Gordon








Ken Gordon is an experienced innovation funding specialist who has ben helping Scottish businesses understand and apply for funding for innovation since 2008. 
Ken has been the the ESA Space Solutions Business Ambassador for Scotland, Northern Ireland for the last two years. Over the last contracts, he has been responsible for:

  • 16 APQ applications, of which 5 were successfully selected to go through to Outline Proposal. 
  • Organising or co-organising 11 events, presenting at 21 events and attending a further 17 events.  
  • From a total of 38 events 36 were non-space and 2 were space events.

His previous experience includes managing design teams focused on clients in the aerospace, explosives, automotive and consumer sectors, managing EU funded innovation programmes and as a bid writing consultant. In his spare time, he paints, makes podcasts, performs improvised comedy and is learning mandarin. Not in that order

Email: Kenneth.Gordon@TinRocket.Space


UK Regional Ambassador – South West England and South Wales: Grant Day

Grant has a sustained record in developing relationships with partners of all sizes and types to identify and initiate opportunities that address business and societal challenges. For many companies this has been their first approach to RD&I so required sensitive coaching to help them understand how to scope and design projects to make compelling applications while ensuring company priorities are maintained.

Grant’s experience of working with and initiating commercialisation projects with companies from a broad range of sectors, technologies, sizes, and maturities has given me a basis to assess companies’ challenges and ambitions. Being effective at presenting that information to stakeholders has allowed me to initiate and fulfil opportunities.  

Email: G.M.Day@exeter.ac.uk


UK Regional Ambassador – North West England and North Wales: Lucía F. de la Bella 

Lucía’s background is in theoretical cosmology, holding relevant lead positions in her previous position. Most relevant her validation lead role in the ESA mission, Euclid, at the University of Portsmouth (UoP).
She also played an active role in Innovation Projects, applying astrophysics techniques to solve real-world problems using satellite downstream applications.

Lucía has a broad experience in the space sector. Examples of this are her application for the LaunchUK Nanosat design competition (UKSA), and other space mission designs to address climate change and planetary resilience.

She contributed to organising Mission Space, launching the UoP’s space ambitions, and played a significant role in composing the UoP’s space charter.
Lucía had also been a Space Academic Network Fellow, writing case studies to support UKSA Business Case towards ESA CMIN22.

Email: lucia.fonseca-de-la-bella@port.ac.uk


UK Regional Ambassador - Midlands and North East England: Paul Singh Bhatia









Paul has over 15 years of experience working with the space sector, 11 of which have been spent leading the work of the Geospatial Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE) at the University of Nottingham. He is an experienced member of the geospatial community and has assisted many organisations and businesses to take advantage of geospatial and GNSS technologies through the provision of consultancy, training, testing and business incubation & acceleration. Paul was co-founder of  Geomatic Ventures Limited, and has an MSc in Engineering Business Management.

The East Midlands region is recognised as being already very strong in the space sector. They will have a regional office in Nottingham, with collaborative links to business support organisations based in Leeds and Durham. 

Email: paul.bhatia@geospatialventures.co.uk


Coordinator and liaison for space sector: Pier Stopato

Pier’s background is engineering and business with relevant experience in the space sector with focus on telecommunications and remote sensing and their applications to various market verticals (e.g. energy, agriculture, etc.).

He has been a key contributor on cutting egde projects for wireless communications convergence, satellite downstream services partnerships and satcoms application for smartgrids.

Pier has had a key role in the successful launch of two start-ups for space propulsion and the development of products for aerospace, industrial and healthcare companies.

His technical and commercial due diligence experience spans projects with total capital layout worth over £ 10 bn on projects on GEO, MEO and LEO satellite (e.g. Skynet 5, OneWeb, O3b Networks, etc.)

As independent expert has evaluated over 20 projects to provide up to € 17.5 million of finance to high risk, high growth potential SMEs developing products, services and new business models in the information technology, space and healthcare domains.

Email: pier.lion@exotopic.com