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Kay Endre Fjørtoft


Pb. 4762 Torgarden
Trondheim 7465
Phone+47 90057068
The Ambassador Platform Norway addresses the interactions between relevant stakeholders in the field of maritime navigation, communication and observation.


The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) performs research and development for companies in the field of marine technology. MARINTEK is a company in SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, and develops and verifies technological solutions, business and operating concepts for the shipping, maritime, ocean energy and petroleum industries.


Norway is one of the world's most northerly countries in one of Europe's most mountainous areas. It has a very elongated shape with one of the longest and most rugged coastlines in the world, and some 50 000 islands off the extremely indented coastline. A lot of Norway’s business operations is taking place in remote areas, where particularly the maritime, marine and oil and gas sectors need steadily evolving services. Safe and efficient operations in the Arctic and other remote areas is crucial. The users need services for earth observations, for operational planning, for execution of operations, for navigation and for decision support in daily operations.
An example of a challenge from a navigator’s point of view is planning of a ship voyage based on weather information and observations, such as ice maps in icy regions. The weather can quickly change, especially in Arctic waters, from calm to extremely rough conditions. Weather information is frequently unavailable, as is reliable data on ice conditions. The lack of adequate infrastructure and qualified data for navigational purposes is crucial. The aspect of user requirements versus availability of communication channels in the High North is essential. Operations in remote areas also require a reliable infrastructure for shore-based support. Space applications and services provide new opportunities for both the supplier industry and numerous user groups.
If you have a good idea for new products or services to fit the ARTES Applications programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Role of the Norwegian Ambassador

The Ambassador has three main activity areas, all of which seek to identify user needs and match them with integrated solutions that incorporate space-based services. These include:

  • Set up relations with users/stakeholders to present the ARTES Applications programmes and examine their needs to provide a shortlist of promising topics;
  • Organising and attending workshops focusing on groups and other fora where users can learn about the potential of integrated solutions and be introduced to applications developers, academia and service providers;
  • Knowledge transfer including management of a dedicated community portal and participation in several external portals, notably Knowledge Transfer Networks.