Direct Negotiation

ESA Business Applications' Direct Negotiation (Call for proposals) is always open. Businesses from any sector can apply throughout the year, and the amount of funding may vary according to the project.

The first step in order to apply is to tell us more about your idea and how you plan to implement it in the Activity Pitch Questionnaire (APQ) and upload it using the APQ Submission Form. We will then help you decide which of the following activities (funding schemes) best fits your project proposal.

The "Call for Proposals" covers two different activities:

  • Feasibility Studies provide the preparatory framework to identify, analyse and define new potentially sustainable applications and services within the ESA Business Applications programme. They have to be compliant with the following requirements: they are user driven, they benefit from the utilisation of one or more space assets and the tenderer intends to pursue a Demonstration Project after successful completion of the Feasibility Study.
  • Demonstration Projects are dedicated to the implementation of pre-operational demonstration services within the ESA Business Applications programme, which therefore comply with the following requirements: they are user driven (including user involvement and contribution), they benefit from the utilisation of one or more space assets, with clear potential to become commercially viable in the post project phase.

The activities proposed in response to this Call for Proposals must be relevant to ESA's Business Applications programme objectives. Although not a competitive tender, the Call for Proposals is published on esa-star, under "Open Invitations to Tender" reference AO10494.

This Call for Proposals covers the industry initiated application activities for the three Programmes Lines identified below:

  1. ARTES 4.0 Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) Generic Programme Line - Component A: Business Applications
  2. ARTES 4.0 Space for 5G (5G) Strategic Programme Line 
  3. ARTES 4.0 Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S) Strategic Programme Line

Funded participation is open to any public organisation (be it as group of users, publid body or non-governmental organisation) residing in any of the ESA Member States that are participating to the programme as specified in the Letter of Invitation in esa-star.

Please note: The closing date is established solely for technical reasons connected with esa-star and can be disregarded. The documents on esa-star take precedence in case of any discrepancies. The consultation of the official documentation on esa-star related to the Calls for Proposals and ITTs is only possible for duly registered users.