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ESA “e-Investor Forum” in partnership with ELITE

The European Space Agency’s Space Solutions programme and ELITE, the business support and capital-raising programme of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), held the 13th ESA Investor Forum on Monday 23rd March. Because of the COVID-19 situation this was the first entirely remote Investor Forum: a commitment to support entrepreneurship and space-related industry even under these exceptional circumstances.

ESA Investor Forum participants

10 companies belonging to ESA’s and ELITE’s portfolio, each looking to raise between €1- €10m, pitched to more than 30 investors: a sign that in this singular moment, good businesses are still able to attract private capital attention. Pitching  companies are active in a variety of industrial sectors, including logistics, NewSpace, analytics, geographical Intelligence, high-tech and communication.

On the occasion of the event, Nick Appleyard, Head of ESA Downstream Business Applications, said: 

“At a time when the whole planet is reflecting on connectivity, resilience and global interdependence, it is space companies that offer us solutions for a safe, responsible and confident world.

At the European Space Agency we are excited by the ambition of these companies, and inspired by their business ideas. With help from our partners at LSEG we are proud to play a part in their future success.”

Craig Twyford, responsible for Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) Ventures and keynote speaker, highlighted their successful collaboration with ESA Space Solutions:

“Our ambition is for CCEP’s competitive advantage in 10 years time to have come from something we have invested in today. We really value our partnership with ESA as we recognise that we are trying to save a lot of the same problems and events such as the ones introduced to us by these fantastic businesses that have the potential to transform the way we do business.”

Finally, also ELITE heaped praise on the forum:

"We were delighted to support ESA Investor Forum and to hear the ground breaking technologies during the pitches."

About ESA Space Solutions

Since the programme’s inception in 2008, ESA Space Solutions has invested more than €300M in over 1800 business ideas, addressing markets in industries worldwide. Funding typically ranges from 50kEuro to 2MEuro and supports everything from early stage feasibility studies to large-scale demonstration projects.


ELITE offers businesses a full programme to help them grow, including education, business support and direct contact with Europe’s financial and advisory community. In the UK, Imperial College Business School helps to deliver the programme. Management teams are guided on how best to fast-track their development and capital raising processes, how to access the most suitable funding for their needs (whether private equity, venture capital or the bond or equity markets), and are given advice on building their profile and reach.

31 March 2020
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