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European Space Agency – Torino Municipality Memorandum of Intent

The city of Torino and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with the aim to support the development of services for smart cities, based on the utilisation of space assets such as GNSS, Earth Observation and Satellite communication, integrated with 5G networks.  

Following the MOIs already signed by ESA with Roma Capitale (the city of Rome) and the city of L’Aquila, Abruzzo Region and the University of L’ Aquila, the Memorandum signed with Torino municipality enriches an initiative, which is unique in its kind. The local authorities will provide requirements and needs for the development of the serviceswith a focus on four domains: law enforcement and emergency response, intelligent transport, cultural heritage and structural health monitoring. The local authorities will also provide links to their partners in the telecommunications sector and access to infrastructure or other assets to support the resulting studies and projects, which must in turn deliver innovation and socio-economic benefits for the local communities. 

The purpose of the Torino administration is to foster the development of innovative and high social impact applications in the urban context, while at the same time creating new opportunities for citizens and industry and establishing relations with international organisations and research centres. 

In the frame of the present cooperation, the Torino municipality will make available their own competencies as well as assets from the “Torino City Lab” project. Torino is keen to host experimentations and development of new solutions involving the existing aerospace ecosystem and new industrial actors. 

Companies based in ESA member states will be invited to develop application solutions based on the integration of space assets and 5G to meet the needs and requirements of user communities in one of the most ancient cities in the world. The municipality needs in domains such as law enforcement and emergency response and cultural heritage will be the driver for the development and demonstration of space and 5G based services which present a strong potential to become commercially viable in the short term.

“The Torino ecosystem, which has always been a leader in the innovation sector as well its expertise and know-how, is growing. The purpose of the present collaboration is to promote and to support the aerospace industry domain where Torino has always excelled. Torino is an ideal environment where new services based on the utilisation of space technologies can be created, developed and tested. These services can have not only an economic but also a social impact for the city. It is expected that such innovative experimentations will expand also at national level.” 

We have a unique opportunity to create new models of cities capable of seizing the opportunities that we recognize today, through the exploitation of latest-generation technologies", explains the Innovation Chancellor Marco Pironti. “The present collaboration fits and contributes to the vision we have for our city: each PA has the role to support their own ecosystem, strengthening it and helping it grow; establishing new cooperation and enhancing competencies from an economic, technological, social and ethic point of view.” 

“In the frame of the European Space Agency 5G initiative, we are enthusiastic that Torino has joined other smart cities/regions in Italy and Europe in an initiative that is placing them amongst the pioneers of space-based 5G services”, commented Rita Rinaldo, Head of Institutional Applications Projects in the ESA Business Applications Programme.

 “We are pleased to offer, thanks to the agreement signed with Torino, the opportunity to companies to implement pilots in the city. The projects will demonstrate the advantages which space technologies integrated with 5G can bring to citizens in domains such as security, cultural heritage and mobility”.  

The cooperation will be announced on 25th October in Torino, in the presence of the Italian Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano, Torino Mayor Chiara Appendino and ESA and ASI representatives. 


08 October 2019
Last updated at 24 October 2019 - 16:27