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Kick-start Activities

The "Kick-start Activity" is ESA’s new funding scheme launched in 2017. Activities will be funded at 75%, with ESA providing up to €60,000 per contract. The Thematic Calls for Kick-start Activities are open to any industry in participating Member States. They are designed to be particularly interesting for SMEs and start-ups looking for opportunities to develop their ideas for new business applications. Newcomers and organisations we've worked with before are both welcome!

Kick-start Activities are designated to enable companies to undertake compact Feasibility Studies that explore new service and application concepts which make use of space capabilities. Successful Kick-start Activities can be further developed into commercially-viable businesses with follow-up support from ESA Business Applications in the form of a Demonstration Project.

We have streamlined the application process so that the paperwork has been suitably minimised: a single document, maximum 20 pages in length. We are committed to a rapid evaluation process, with approved activities starting within six weeks from evaluation.

The Invitations to Tender for Kick-start Activities are divided into Thematic Calls.

In the first semester 2018, four Thematic Calls for Kick-start Activities will be launched:

The following Thematic Calls for Kick-start Activities were launched previously:

Social inclusion Organic best-practices and ecosystems preservationIndustry 4.0 and high-value manufacturingFinTech, Wildlife Protection, People Mobility, Arctic/Sub-Arctic, Space for Municipalities, Commercial Climate Services, Outdoor TourismAutomated Road TransportAgeing PopulationFood Security

With the Kick-start Activities, ESA aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs and start-ups to participate in the ESA Business Applications programme, supporting the emergence of new commercial services and applications relying on space assets and data.


As these calls are announced, we will be posting webinar dates prospective applicants can register for and during which we will provide further information on the topics of each Thematic Call, explaining the proposal process and answering your questions.

You will access the webinars through your web browser. We recommend that you log in 10 minutes before the event begins. This will allow you to test your connection and ensure that all required plugins are up to date. 

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