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The AquaEYE sensors are installed on participating certified aquaculture production units and data is transmitted through satellite and GPRS technology to a cloud-based software platform Users are then able to access the appropriate data based through a user friendly GUI.

Users and their needs

Food safety and sustainability are top priorities in today’s world. The AquaEYE system provides users with accurate, near real time data which helps them manage and grow their businesses by harnessing the power of new technology to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and sustainability.

Service/ system concept

The AquaEYE hardware sensors will record and transmit the following data on a defined interval basis using either satellite or GPRS transmission technology to a cloud-based database:

  • GPS once per day
  • Level of dissolved oxygen twice per day.
  • Level of ammonia twice per day

Space Added Value

The AquaEye product is geared towards aquaculture production facilities. These can be located both on and off shore and in a marine based environment. Through it’s use of satellite and GPRS transmission technologies AquaEYE will enable the data from the sensors installed on the farm to be available to the user in near real time. 

Current Status

The AquaEYE project commenced in September 2018 and the initial focus has been on clarifying user requirements for the system being developed and evaluating options in relation to the hardware component of the system. A user requirements workshop was held on the 9th of November the outputs of which have been incorporated in the requirements document for the project.

Prime Contractor

Status Date

Updated: 10 January 2019 - Created: 10 January 2019