ESA title


  • ACTIVITYDemonstration Project
  • STATUSOngoing
  • THEMATIC AREAHealth, Infrastructure & Smart Cities, Media, Culture and Sport, Transport & Logistics, Education & Training, Tourism

Objectives of the service

Gazooky are developing a new concept, ARcade: a platform of geolocated virtual information spaces, overlaid on reality, and activated by GNSS.

It’s a new and unique way to connect people, an instant messaging platform, with location-based information, entertainment and culture.

The innovative part of this service is that the virtual portals can be created by anyone – with no technical ability at all; Gazooky’s proprietary user-friendly Content Management System allows clients to create and modify the portals themselves, at the click of a button.

So clients now have the ability to create location-specific messages for their customers, anywhere in the physical world.

ARcade has multiple purposes:

  • Simplifying the way people create and access meaningful learning, information, and cultural experiences

  • Empowering transport hubs to deliver time-critical messages to the right people at the right place 

  • Using location-relevant content to help travellers navigate transport hubs accessing real-time information

  • Engaging people with their communities 

  • Regenerating locations of heritage

Users and their needs


It’s a solution for people across the globe including:

  • Disabled travellers. Navigating global travel hubs can be tough for everyone, especially if you’re disabled. Our service provides instant navigation support to allay anxiety, confusion and distress when wayfinding.

  • Station/airport staff.  ARcade will empower transport staff to deliver messages and information to the right location within moments (especially important during disruption and delays). 

  • Business or Retail Organisations can surprise and delight their customers in new ways.

  • Health organisations can communicate with hard-to-reach patients. 

  • Heritage and tourist organisations can bring culture and education to deprived areas in an affordable and sustainable way.

Service/ system concept


Gazooky’s solution is designed to:

  • Be easy to access on most smart devices

  • Be as easy to use as sending an email, with a no-code Content Management System

  • Be accessible for people with disability

  • Provide content options that are engaging and innovative

  • Be affordable and sustainable

  • Reach people with information where they need it most


Assigned “creators” develop their messaging experiences using simple copy-and-paste functions in Gazooky’s proprietary Content Management System; the experiences created can be accessed by end-users within moments, through their mobile devices.

Creators can:

  • import a variety of experience content (video, photos, text, maps etc)

  • choose the location of their experiences

  • choose a variety of ways to host their material, including inside an AR portal

  • choose 3D avatars with a range of voices and languages

  • type in the speech they want the avatars to say

  • choose hyperlinks/DeepLinks to other apps, for instance specific disability apps

  • update content whenever they want

Space Added Value


Arcade uses GNSS-triggering so clients can locate their AR experiences anywhere in the physical world. All they have to do is type in the GPS co-ordinates in the Content Management System, and Gazooky’s software does the rest.
Experiences are triggered when the end-user crosses a geofence: satellite signals configured by the CMS are received by their mobile device and interact with our software solution.

If customers want both indoor and outdoor experiences, then Gazooky can provide a hybrid solution combining the ease of GPS triggers with image or QR code triggers.

Current Status


Conducted online surveys and workshops with user groups, especially disabled users
Conducted research into accessibility compatibility. 
Appointed new Accessibility and Inclusivity roles: 

Robin Kay, Accessibility Advisor

Sally Penni MBE, Diversity Champion, EDI Advisor

Created new UX and UI design for both Content Management System and app.

Explored optimisation solutions, including new lightweight landing page from where the AR experiences are activated to resolve battery drain and poor performance.

Explored a variety of map  and mapping designs

Designed and created a variety of different content to test the system including:


Interactive information and games

and 270˚ films

Created different arcade designs:


Created new animated AR 3D avatars, and designed a text to speech function so clients can type in what they want the 3D characters to say; and within moments, the characters  will say those words to the end-user

And adapted software to create 3D AR objects for heritage clients

Prime Contractor(s)

Gazooky Studios

United Kingdom


Status Date

Updated: 27 November 2023