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Objectives of the service

There is an exponential growth of available data through orchestrated efforts of open data programs both in Europe and US, including Earth Observations, geographical GIS, weather and sea state models. Additionally, a growing number of commercial data providers is emerging, with data offered through low latency APIs. Together, both avenues create a huge opportunity in terms of information availability. However, most companies involved in offshore construction and decommissioning lack the resources to collect and engineer those diverse data sources into actionable insights. Further challenge arises, when insights are finally sourced, and need to be shared amongst diverse stakeholders/contractors at different project stages.

@PACE offers a location-centric instead of single company EDW situational awareness portal aiding (de)commissioning of offshore installations. Rich insights are engineered, using automated data processing pipelines, from numerous GIS data repositories plus Earth Observations, AIS, weather and sea state models and combined with in-situ surveys and sensor data. All information is dynamically shared amongst project stakeholders promoting common understanding, transparency, and improved efficiency creating savings throughput all project stages. To aid the exploitation of the insights and location data, @PACE deploys advanced visualisation techniques and immersive technologies aiding remote collaboration during planning and execution stages.

Users and their needs

@PACE brings together diverse data sources to aid project planning, execution, and site monitoring throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Fast and easy provision of logistical information accelerating and simplifying the initialisation and definition of infrastructure construction or decommissioning programs.
  • Intuitive and easy to use virtual environment aiding the collaboration between experts and various stakeholders to identify the best (de)construction approach.
  • Shared situational awareness easily accessible by all project parties and stakeholders throughout the whole project duration independent of their geographical location.
  • High latency mode available for critical project delivery phases with intelligent alerts to anomalies or pre-set warning values improving execution efficiency and reducing risk exposure.

Service/ system concept

The @PACE is an operational environment with common view (shared amongst all stakeholders) of the project information with intelligent alerts to anomalies or pre-set warning values.

Space Added Value

The constantly increasing spatial and temporal resolution of Earth Observation data from traditional satellite constellations plus emerging opportunities of low cost CubeSat payloads are shifting the paradigm as how projects in remote locations can be planned and coordinated. The increasing bandwidth and decreasing cost of satellite communications make it also ever easier to make strategic insights almost instantaneously available to vessel crews and operational teams offshore. The GNSS supported position and timing determination makes it possible to localize and synchronize vast volumes of data to provide ultimate situational awareness.

Current Status

The @PACE was presented to numerous stakeholders within the construction and decom value chain. Representing governments, asset owners and operators and offshore service providers, the interviewees gave us a seal of approval and valuable comments allowing us to further refine the service concept.

Status Date

Updated: 27 April 2021 - Created: 27 April 2021