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DROMAS DP - Agricultural Crop Monitoring and Assessment driven by Satellites

The main objective of the service is to enable operational full country monitoring of agricultural crops to respond to the needs of the Czech State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SAIF). The focus is to support the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) in the Czech Republic, namely the on-the-spot control of aid applications and management of Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS).

The service will be based on an innovative tool providing continuously updated information on crop types and crop cover within single crop vegetation period to national administration. The service products are thematic maps with associated metadata layer of anomaly detection allowing monitoring of agro-environmental degradation and agricultural crop damages on the agricultural parcel level. All products are enhanced by field survey validation. The service will be provided on-line via web mapping services.

Users and their needs

The Czech State Agricultural Intervention Fund represents the main user of the service. In particular, the service will be focused to support to the selection of beneficiaries to be subject to field inspection, to improve the quality of LPIS and to support LPIS update process, to support the monitoring of compliance with the principles of environmentally sound farm management and to support the monitoring of impacts of natural disasters to crop production.

Czech Republic

Service/ system concept

The proposed system consists of separated components that represent technical solution to fulfill individual system requirements.

The schematization in the figure below provides the overall technical architecture of the Agricultural Crop Monitoring service.

  • Earth Observation component: selection and provision of suitable satellite imagery
  • In-situ component: acquisition and provision of field survey crop information and soil moisture data
  • Data storage component: data storage and data management
  • Data processing component: data processing and analysis
  • Map server component: service products provision to the user

Space Added Value

Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation represent two space assets that enable implementation of the service compliant with identified user requirements.

Earth Observation is the only technology that can provide feasible solution for operational full country crop monitoring in needed spatial and temporal resolution.

Satellite Navigation is the technology providing the solution for operational targeted in-situ data collection focused on support of satellite image data analysis.

Current Status

After the completion of the feasibility study in 2015, the DROMAS Demonstration Project started in January 2016. The project passed the Critical Design Review (CDR) milestone successfully in November 2016 and the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), held at ESTEC in August 2017, aimed to verify the compliance the pilot-demonstration system with the set of requirements agreed at the BDR. The close cooperation with the user confirmed its high interest in operational provision of the service. The detailed plan for pilot demonstration to be run in 2018 is being prepared consisting of 5 use cases selected based on user’s priorities.

Prime Contractor

Project Managers

Contractor Project Manager

Jan Misurec
GISAT s.r.o
Milady Horakove 57,
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic

ESA Project Manager

Olivier Becu
Keplerlaan 1
2200 AG Noordwijk ZH

Status Date

Updated: 09 September 2016 - Created: 09 September 2016