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Objectives of the service

ECO4CO tackles the challenging task of supporting institutions in DSS - Decision Support System – activities by means of Artificial Intelligence, with the main objective being to counter the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and to provide rapid insights and evidence of geolocalised events, that may impact the evolution of outbreaks.

ECO4CO provides a fully autonomous and automated end-to-end system, combining data from satellites (image acquisition, GNSS/EGNOS navigation data), the Internet (social media, news, etc.), traffic (mobile, automotive), and medical data (equipment stock, hospitalization)

By exploiting the functionalities offered by its internal services, the system provides end-users (authorities, civil protection, etc.) with notifications, warnings and timely/geolocalised communication services, covering potential risk areas, criticalities regarding facilities or medical storage and mass movements. The ultimate objective is to provide crucial information in order to be able to effectively prevent new outbreaks, and to react in advance in an upcoming critical situation.

The project is the winner of the prize awarded by UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization - for "Innovative ideas and technologies vs Covid 19 and beyond" in the Health Emergency category.

Users and their needs

The main users of this project are Italian governments and Civil Protections at regional and local level, as well as all health authorities. In this COVID pandemic situation, the users need a centralised service to access all pieces of information related to the spread of Covid-19, in order to decide and implement quickly an adequate response. In particular, the ECO4CO platform respond to the following needs:

  • Centralised cloud with access to all data gathered (satellite data, cameras and social media, health and epidemiological data)
  • Tools for monitoring the (real-time) Covid-19 situation in selected critical areas
  • Tools for prediction of the evolution of cluster outbreaks, based on AI analysis applied to tracking data (movements of selected group of people), epidemiological data and satellite data (detection gathering people and crowds)
  • Integrated and interactive dashboard and maps to explore data and outputs of the analysis
  • Tools for integration of data from external sources
  • A user-friendly interface and a transparent process of analysis
  • Interaction and customization of the analysis (selection of areas of interest, time interval, level of detected warnings)

Service/ system concept

The end-to-end ECO4CO system is based on the following main pillars:

  • Cluster Area Identification: A forecasting data analysis service identifying new geographical areas potentially at risk by collecting and analysing social media, news and data from Internet
  • Intelligent Satellite Tasking: An autonomous system capable of managing the acquisitions of Earth Observation data coming from a federation of satellite constellations. it allows to have high-frequency revisit times enabling a proper Near Real Time service
  • Object Detection and Business Intelligence: An artificial intelligence service able to detect possible gatherings of people and vehicles from Satellite Images
  • Tracking: a service capable of tracking the movements of devices detected in a given zone
  • Logistic Planning: a forecasting data analysis service to identify future needs for medical equipment stocks
  • Epidemiological study and public health intervention: combining health-epidemiological-clinical, geo-technological and geographical components and skills to discover potential incoming hospitalisation issues

Space Added Value

Satellite Earth Observation: Satellite Image acquisition and Processing are a core element of the system and actively take part to the contribution of ECO4CO data Lake creation. Intelligent Tasking, an autonomous Satellite Tasking module, will prepare and perform automatic Image Acquisition requests. Such Images will be handled and processed by Object Detection component, which will identify possible people or vehicle gathering, raising a warning to the system in case of unusual or suspect detection.

Satellite Navigation: ECO4CO data lake consists of several elements coming from GNSS sources. The connection with EGNOS Navigation System will improve the metadata information of such data by evaluating and possibly integrating the quality, the precision, and the integration of signal received. This will eventually produce more accurate and better defined information.

Current Status

The Project officially started on 1st of December, 2020.

Following activities have been completed:

  • Data Lake definition: External Data Source providers have been contacted and structure details on source data have been identified.
  • End Users have been involved in providing additional inputs for the refinement of User Needs and Requirements
  • Dissemination: Partners have published the promotional video and/or additional details on the project inside their Home pages and their social channels
  • Architecture: high level architecture has been detailed in terms of subsystem interfaces, communication channels and data lake consolidation
  • Following Documents have been delivered:
    • Project Requirements
    • System Architecture
    • System Verification
    • Pilot Utilisation Plan
    • Service Deployment Document

Baseline Design Review (BDR) took place on February the 12th, 2021

Progress Meeting (PM) took place on March the 15th, 2021

Current ongoing activities:

  • Cloud Infrastructure setup, configuration, installation
  • Development activities of Project Pillars, which will be used to validate the whole System end-2-end during the On-Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

Status Date

Updated: 16 March 2021 - Created: 16 March 2021