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  • ACTIVITYFeasibility Study
  • STATUSCompleted
  • THEMATIC AREAInfrastructure & Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, Energy

Objectives of the service

We have identified that multiple industries like oil & gas, energy, utilities and telecom need a solution to monitor their industrial assets. Currently, most of the solutions on the market are using SCADA systems not that scalable and not mobile. BOX2M solution monitors customer assets through an extensive network of low-cost sensors, offering scalability and portability and using a satellite communication where appropriate to send data to a cloud-computing platform.

Users and their needs

Potential customers of the solution are: oil & gas, energy, utilities and telecom companies from Romania and worldwide, companies required to monitor industrial equipment in remote areas, in particular: 

  •   monitor (remote) industrial equipment,
  •   data analytics,
  •   data prediction,
  •   data pattern recognition,
  •   profiling,
  •   problem management,
  •   incident analyse.

Romania & worldwide.

Service/ system concept

Data collected through the system is tailored on customer needs and also the results obtained from the analysis of data are according to clients needs and expectations.

Based on different users and industries, different algorithms for data analysis, prediction, profiling and other data processing techniques can be applied on different datasets gathered from BOX2M IoT devices monitoring industrial equipments.

Space Added Value

BOX2M IoT devices developed through this study have the capability to access a cloud server through satellite connections, and are specifically suitable to monitor remote assets. But being their cost small and their design modular, they can be used in a variety of modes and configurations.

Current Status

The IoT prototype device (HW & SW) is finished. This prototype will be the basis for follow-on demonstration purposes for refinement and improvement, prior to move into pre-production stages. 

Relevant customers from the three main vertical industries identified would like to have a demonstration on larger scales vertical industries. All of them stated that there is interest in this solution. 

Study was closed successfully, and preparation for a follow-on demonstration project (preliminary step for further production and certification) is planned.

The following documents will be available on ESA portal for registered users:

  •  Project Dictionary (PD),
  •  Business Case,
  •  Proof of Concept (PoC),
  •  Preparation for Service Implementation,
  •  Demonstration Project Outline Proposal,
  •  Final Report.

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Status Date

Updated: 19 December 2018