Infoterra - Space Assets for Demining Assistance (SADA)

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This study was designed to determine the feasibility of the use of space assets such as satellite communications, positioning, and Earth Observation to support the humanitarian mine action community. It took place over 15 months and involved six tasks; a user requirements capture exercise and an analysis of the state of the art in humanitarian demining. This was followed by the system definition and a viability analysis. Finally the study created a roadmap for follow on activities.

Objectives of the service

The project had the objective of studying the ability to identify and prioritise the most likely contaminated areas where expensive and time consuming mine survey and clearance operations should be carried out, and to identify areas that can be released in accordance with International and National Mine Action Standards for land release. As a second area of assistance the provision of very high resolution imagery, satellite communications, navigation, and survey capability to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field teams conducting technical survey, close-in detection, and mine clearance operations was explored.

Users and their needs

The final proposition is targeted at the National Mine Action Authorities and other users (such as the UN) with authority to make decisions with regard to the land release process.

The final proposition meets their needs with regards to Earth Observation Products.

Service/ system concept

A Decision Support Service providing Earth Observation products as required by the user.

Space Added Value

Space Earth Observation provide an added cost benefit over other methods of survey such as putting a team into the field or flying an aircraft.

Product Benefits

The expected benefits are to provide cost effective solutions to land release problems and by doing so save lives and improve economic outcomes as land is released back to communities.

Product Features

The study quickly determined that the provision on services for decision makers and services for field operations should be provided separately. This split into a Decision Support Service and a Field Support Service was fundamental in the study and all but the initial activities were conducted separately for each service.

Key Issues

The key issue determined in the project is that there was a clear cost benefit to the provision of very high resolution imagery and other Earth Observation products to the mine action community.

Current Status

The project has been completed.

Status Date

Updated: 21 May 2012 - Created: 15 February 2014