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Finnish high tech company Delta Cygni Labs is transforming industrial services with the new remote collaboration solution POINTR. Powered by augmented reality, POINTR is reliable, secure and easy-to-use solution for industry. 

The objective of the POINTSAT project is to strengthen the POINTR offering for maritime, offshore and energy sectors by integrating satellite communication capability and advanced interaction for harsh environments. The solution is piloted by world leading companies in real operational conditions.

Users and their needs

In the maritime sector, one of the primary technical factors for remote video collaboration solutions is the challenging network conditions such as satellite link variability and availability. Additionally, commercial success of the solution depends on the ability to deploy at scale across heterogeneous business ecosystems and to work efficiently under harsh and varying conditions.

Finland, USA

Service/ system concept

The POINTR cloud-mediated communication protocol is integrated with satellite communication. It includes both broadband (e.g. Iridium NEXT Ka-band or Inmarsat Ka-band) and currently more common standard-to-low bandwidth satellite networks of 128kbps (e.g. Iridium NEXT  L-band or Inmarsat L-band) and down to 56kbps (legacy VSAT deployed across commercial fleets). Advanced augmented reality technology such as tracking for stabilized annotations and adaptation to industrial wearables is piloted to increase user acceptance and work efficiency.

Space Added Value

Remote collaboration solutions enable new business cases and cost effective workflows to the industry with a high return on investment from utilization of satellite connectivity. Regardless of location – be it remote port, off-shore platform, open sea, or the Arctic – the operational excellence is achieved by increased equipment uptime and first-time-fix rate, reduced unnecessary travel and carbon footprint, minimized errors and delays. 

POINTR optimization for satellite infrastructure and maritime business cases further expands service coverage to the entire commercial fleets. POINTR provides a scalable and easy-to-use commercial remote collaboration solution that offers not only voice chat, but also high quality video with the frame rate adaptation to bandwidth, augmented annotations, withstanding long latency networks and high error rates.

Current Status

The project concentrates on maritime applications and involves KONE Marine (vertical transportation in maritime sector) and Valmet (marine solutions and automation) as industrial partners. POINTR is optimized to improve its product-market fit in the maritime sector. This is accomplished through two phases of co-creation and piloting in the target operational environments.

The project has kicked off and currently the focus is on co-creation with the industrial partners towards the first field pilot on cruise vessels in the Western hemisphere.

Project Managers

Contractor Project Manager

Dr. Boris Krassi
Delta Cygni Labs Ltd., Korkeakoulunkatu 7
FIN-33720 Tampere
+358 40 7666 956

ESA Project Manager

Marco Sartori
ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, PO Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk

Status Date

Updated: 21 December 2017 - Created: 19 October 2017