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Objectives of the service


The SATWORK service has for main objectives to:

a) Help out citizens and health professionals living in Italy to deal with the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak;

b) Support the development and the deployment of a “smart and sustainable” solution able to help the workers, the companies, the Health sector citizens living in Italy in the particular “back to work” stage;

c) Support the development and the adoption of good health practice for the Italian workers community;


SATWORK application areas are:

1) Local Test Campaigns for a diagnosis (in Real time) for detection of antibodies linked to Covid-19.

2) Remote diagnosis, initial treatment and follow-up of patients Covid-19;

3) Medical resources and Test planning to use for Covid-19 local screening;

4) By extension, follow-up of patients affected by other respiratory diseases;

5) Healthcare and medicine care, in remote infected areas, for categories fragile and at risk (as children, elderly and disabled people, families in need), which cannot easily be physically reached by physicians).

6) Support to mental health and well-being of home confined people - due Covid-19 emergency - transmitting both a sense of community and safety.

The proposed service will ease challenges faced by the user community due the frequency of Covid-19 screening local sessions and related medical check-ups, and also for the services available through the SATWORK mobile Apps.

Users and their needs

In these months of pandemic crisis, while a great deal of effort is made to find solutions to prevent and cure people affected by COVID-19, one of the main critical points of the Italian policy agenda is how to progressively re-start industrial activities and re-launch the economy, avoiding profound and structural economic crisis. The country is progressively moving into the “Phase 2” (or hypothetical “Phase 3”), an intermediate period that shall take several months when industries, factories, shops should gradually re-open and circulation of persons should resume.

This particular phase can be very dangerous because the “get back to work” – even if slow and decided when the epidemiologic data will allow – could be challenged with legitimate and natural hope expectations but also with the risk to have “low-guard” approaches, shifting the problem from hospitals to the civil society. Companies shall therefore be in a position to safely encourage return to work for their employees while at the same time keeping them safe and healthy.

Service/ system concept

The SATWORK System implements screening activities to detect who is infected with Covid-19 in industrial areas or in small communities. The ability to detect a virus early has become one of the most crucial elements in slowing the global pandemic and can be the key to returning to normal.

SATWORK relies on the utilisation of several space assets, namely Satellite Communications and Satellite Navigation, specifically the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System.

SATWORK consists of three following functional components: the SATWORK Services Centre, the Local Operation Centre and the SATWORK Worker Support.

SATWORK Services Centre has 3 sub-systems:

  • Covid-GEO” with the Rapid Tests Screening Process,
  • 2Care-CovidApp” that manages the workers’ clinical data
  • PCA” subsystem, which classifies workers according to the multiple inputs received.

Local Operation Centre:a deployable vehicle equipped with satellite telecommunication systems for real-time communication of the operational medical on the field.

SATWORK Worker Support: a mobile Covid-APP which is an application that will be the Front end of the workers with the system.


Current Status

The SATWORK service relies on Satellite Communications and Satellite Navigation technologies. Both assets are fundamental and required for the proper functioning of the SATWORK system, such as in digital divide areas (e.g. rural or mountain regions). The Satellite Communication technology provides connectivity where terrestrial communications are insufficient, ensuring a high communication/connection speed to allow (near real time) exchanges between medical centres. SATWORK will be based on the experience and lessons learnt gained through previous telemedicine via satellite projects such as Telesal and Taled. Moreover, the Satellite Navigation technology, and specifically Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System, is used to define the real time location of people and assets (e.g. van).

Status Date

Updated: 24 August 2020 - Created: 24 August 2020