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SIS-SREM - Safety and information systems for ski resorts in emerging markets – demonstration project

The Mountain Rescue Team Management (MRTM)is improving the accuracy and speed of rescue missions in mountains. It’s also enabling coordination of several components of existing rescue systems – fire brigades, police, helicopter rescue, emergency and where needed also military. Reliability, simplicity and well integrated set of features, based on detailed knowledge of user requirements and needs, save lives, time and resources in central European mountains.

The Infotainment platform (ITP) is a new digital communication channel which mountain resorts use to provide personalized and location specific service and information to resort and mountain guests. In combination with non-intrusive marketing communication, ITP is a unique tool which helps end users like skiers, snowboarders, bikers, hikers and other mountain visitors to enjoy their stay in the mountains and not to miss any of great places or offers on site. For resort operators it creates an additional source of information and revenue stream.

Drone service

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become affordable and enable users to capture high resolution still and video imagery, offering completely new perspectives of landscapes and outdoor activities. Often, these new and fresh perspectives can communicate emotions and what it feels like to engage in outdoor activities much better than traditional imagery.

Core of the product the SIS-SREM project is developing and validating is a “drone nest”, which is a fixed or transportable hangar used for automated drone hosting, charging and data transfer. The drone snest is equipped with HD cameras and communication and safety sensors.

Users and their needs

MRTM - Mountain Rescue Team Management:

  • Reduce by ca. 50% preparations time before SAR actions was proven according to user feedback;
  • Improved effectiveness and tactical coordination between SAR team achieved, everybody knows exactly where to search and what to do
  • Better (faster and more accurate) evaluation of current mission (e.g. history of mission, areas to be searched vs searched areas) helps in reporting phase;
  • Better evaluation of past missions (e.g. lessons learned);
  • Decrease of radio communication up to 70%;
  • Improved security and safety, and eventually save lives;

ITP - Outdoor infotainment platform:

  • Additional revenue stream for mountain resorts;
  • Rising the attractiveness of regions and resorts;
  • Improved information on the (ski) resort and region;
  • Sharing of emotions, impressions and opinions in the community;
  • More security on slopes and in mountains;
  • Community tools adjusted to improve brand communication or branding of regions;   

During demonstration of the MRTM services contracts have been signed with Czech Mountain Rescue and the system now is being used in mountains in Czech Republic. Implementation in Slovakia and Poland is now starting. Due to a different structure of Polish mountain rescue system, the implementation is in initial phase.   

Alpdest CEE, a single purpose company was established to carry out business model developed in the IAP Feasibility study and implemented in the actual Demonstration project. Community services and general application solutions are already partly working in local languages (CZ, SK, PL). During FIS World Cup in Jasna (Slovakia) Alpdest CEE provided ITP based services as Official partner of the World Cup Jasná Organising Committee. WLAN services for 20.000 daily guests, VIP’s and Press have been combining build up on satellite operated services - location based information and satcom connectivity.

This demonstration attracted brands, resort operators and event organisers and new installations and projects are now being negotiated for coming summer and winter seasons.

Alpdest CEE already achieved first smaller sales with mountain Resorts during the demonstration phase. 

Service/ system concept


Mountain Rescue Team Management system architecture


Alpdest CEE - Out of Home – Mountain Media company. General business model scheme. 




Drone service

Drone with nest combines two basic services, entertainment and support for mountain rescue teams. First provided service is a flying photo point. Nest with drone can be installed at iconic places and drone can be called to action by using simple mobile app. User will receive drone pictures and short video. Second service is targeting professional users. In case of emergency, control of the drone could be taken by GINA Software and drone could be used to monitor the critical area and to deliver aerial pictures and stream video before the rescue patrol arrives.


The Drone Services concept


The Drone Services functional architecture


Space Added Value

Both services (MRTM and ITP) use GNSS based services and solutions.

ITP is using SatCom services during events (FIS World Cup Jasna, Mountain Challenge) to establish WLAN zones.

Weather forecast and Avalanche service included in the ITP LBS solutions use Earth observation data.  

Current Status

Mountain Rescue Team Management system implemented by GINA Software s.r.o. (CZ) was accepted and Czech Mountain Rescue signed 3 years contracts for all Czech mountain regions. Implementation in Slovakia is in preparation.

Special purpose company which business model and purpose are solely based on the project results was established: Alpdest CEE, a limited company based in Brno, Czech Republic. Infotainment Platform is a part of complex offer the company which aim is to function as Mountain Media Agency in central Europe. Commercial contracts on products and services delivery are being offered and negotiated with stakeholders in the market.             

Project Managers

Contractor Project Manager

Luděk Kühr
Příkop 2a
60200 Brno
Czech Republic
+420 542212451

ESA Project Manager

Francesco Feliciani
Keplerlaan 1
2201 AZ Noordwijk

Status Date

Updated: 20 December 2016 - Created: 12 May 2016