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Space and 5G Convergence: Transport & Logistics

Portal for information about the Open Call for Proposals AO10428 " Space and 5G Convergence: Transport & Logistics"

This Open Call for Proposals invites activities to demonstrate and implement operationally sustainable services in the logistics sector that are enabled by the convergence of satellite communications and 5G terrestrial networks.

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Please note the following important points before you decide to prepare your submission:

  1. The tendering process is based on a two steps approach as indicated below: Outline Proposal (First Step) and Full Proposal (Second Step).
  2. Economic Operators (both Prime and Subcontractor(s)), intending to respond to this AO are requested to send their Outline Proposal to their National Delegation(s) prior to the submission to ESA (Contact information can be found here). 
  3. In case a company participates in more than one proposal, applicants shall demonstrate in the Outline and Full Proposal that they are not duplicating commitment of their resources and should have the capacity to deliver in the event of multiple successful applications.
  4. The proposed activity shall include a deployment of the solution and a pilot utilisation of the solution, to be performed in collaboration with potential users / customers, in a realistic operational environment; a minimum of one pilot should take place in the United Kingdom.
  5. The evaluation of the Full Proposal will be executed following submission in the esa-star system (for applicants whose Outline Proposals have been approved). The Full Proposal will require a “Letter(s) of Authorisation of Funding” (AOF) from the relevant National Delegation(s) of the entities involved in the proposed activity.
  6. Outline Proposals can be submitted at any time until 15th December 2020.

Applicants are invited to download the full information package including eligibility requirements, available on ESA tendering system (EMITS)

Please note that the applicants need to register their entity (free) in the ESA-star system to be able to retrieve the information. This can be done here.

How to Apply

First Step: Outline Proposal

Outline Proposal Submission

After having accessed the full information package in EMITS, the First Step is the preparation and submission of an Outline Proposal following the Outline Proposal Template:

Outline Proposal

When completed, the Outline Proposal Word file has to be saved with name: "AO10428 - 5G Logistics - [Your Project Name].docx" in Word document format (not as PDF). It should then be submitted by email (as attachment) to with the email title "AO10428 - 5G Logistics - [Your Project Name]"

Outline Proposal Evaluation

  • The applicant shall confirm to ESA (by indicating in the proposal template) that the National Delegation(s) has received the Outline Proposal, prior to its submission to ESA. 
  • The Outline Proposal shall indicate whether technology/product development activities are planned to be performed within the project scope. If this is the case, additional information needs to be provided according to the template.
  • Once submitted, the Outline Proposal will be evaluated by ESA with the support of DCMS (U.K. Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) and in consultation with the relevant National Delegations.
  • Eligible Outline Proposals will be evaluated according to the evaluation criteria specified in Annex 1 of the Special Conditions of Tender. 
  • The evaluation feedback (and instructions on next steps, if applicable) will be provided to the applicant within 15 working days from the Outline Proposal submission to ESA.

Second Step: Full Proposal

Full Proposal Submission

  • The second step can be undertaken only for Outline Proposals that have been successfully evaluated. A Full Proposal which is not preceded by an Outline Proposal approved by the Agency will not be admitted for evaluation. 
  • The following documentation applies for the second step:
         ·  Full Proposal Cover Letter
         ·  Full Proposal
         ·  Management Requirements

Latest Information

Date Note
9th July 2020

- Call for proposals is open.
- Outline Proposal updated: v2.0 (verify that you are using this version prior to submission).