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Offshore Energy and the Space Industry

The ESA IAP programme partnered with Aberdeen Renewables Energy Group (AREG), the Offshore Renewables Energy (ORE) Catapult and Space Network Scotland (SNS) to introduce the IAP Programme to the Offshore Wind Energy Industry in Aberdeen. The workshop was held on 19th January 2017 at the Science Centre in Aberdeen, with 35 attendees including participants from 14 different companies.

The meeting covered the opportunities available through the ESA IAP programme to develop potentially game-changing concepts that could provide the solution to challenges in satellite services for offshore energy. 

Four speakers covered the programme. Ian Downey, ESA IAP Ambassador for the United Kingdom, provided an overview of the IAP programme and funding mechanism, and Andrew Tipping, ORE Catapult, presented information on some of the offshore wind challenges for satellite applications. 

Jörg Biesewig, CEO of Megatel GmbH and Vital Teresa from GMV Portugal presented on their respective IAP projects, Com4shore and ISSWIND and described their experiences of working with ESA. Their message was that the discipline imposed by ESA on their projects was extremely valuable in delivering a successful outcome.

Networking opportunities were provided both at lunchtime and later during a break in the afternoon’s proceedings.

Event Report prepared by Callum Norrie and Gillian Mayman, both Space Network Scotland.


01 February 2017
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