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Proposal Guide - Direct Negotiation

Having registered on esa-star – ESA’s System for Tendering And Registration as potential bidder, login to EMITS - ESA's Electronic Mail Invitation to Tender System with your received account information and download the official tender documentation from:


The tendering process follows a three step approach:

An incremental approach is set up to guide Tenderers through the submission process. It is constructed in a manner that any subsequent step (outline proposal, full proposal) builds upon the answers of the previous step (activity pitch questionnaire, outline proposal).

1st Step: Activity Pitch Questionnaire (APQ)

Before engaging in more detailed elaboration of a potential outline or full proposal, the Activity Pitch Questionnaire allows the Tenderer in a reduced, standardised pitch form to present his initial idea to ESA, and it allows ESA to quickly take an informed decision on the next steps pointing the Tenderer to the most appropriate activity stream and providing support on the further implementation steps.

The Activity Pitch Questionnaire can be downloaded from and shall be submitted to the following email address:

Since authorisation from the National Delegation(s) of the countries in which industrial partners (i.e. Prime and Subcontractors) reside will be required at the level of the Full Proposal, it is strongly suggested that potential bidders liaise with the National Delegation(s) as soon as possible in the process.

Please, note that the Activity Pitch Questionnaire may be also provided by the Agency to the National Delegations for coordination purposes. Submitting an APQ is deemed given consent to share this information with the National Delegation.

2nd Step: Outline Proposal[1]

Following the acceptance by ESA of the Activity Pitch Questionnaire and the indications provided by ESA concerning which eventual route to choose from (i.e. Feasibility Study, Demonstration Project in a Two Phases approach or Single Phase approach), the second step requires the submission of an Outline Proposal, which will be evaluated by ESA, and feedback will be provided to the Tenderer in due time. External experts may be involved in the evaluation in order to coordinate activities with those carried out within the European Union, Participating States or any other relevant European actors, of which the Agency has been made aware. The Outline Proposal Template can be downloaded from and shall be submitted to the following email address:

3rd Step: Full Proposal

The Tenderer will be informed by ESA and may decide to prepare a Full Proposal according to ESA feedback and in accordance with chapter II of Appendix 1 (Special Conditions of Tender).

Only Full proposals accompanied with a “Letter(s) of Authorisation of Funding” (AOF) covering the full proposal will be admitted for evaluation. The Full proposals shall be delivered via “esa-star”.

[1] An Outline Proposal approved by ESA must precede the submission of a Full Proposal.