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ESA Business Applications Final Presentation Day

The ESA Business Applications Final Presentation day took place this month at the DLR’s Headquarters in Germany, showcasing activities that have achieved outstanding results in the areas of energy, maritime and communications.

 Industry participants present their final presentations at the DLR's Headquarters

The event was opened by Dr. Gerd Kraft (DLR Director) who introduced the role of DLR as a German research and development organisation, major contributor to the European space programmes (e.g. EO, SatNav, SatCom), and promoter of innovation through a number of initiatives in several domains (e.g. artificial intelligence, competition INNOspace Masters, the initiative SpaceMoves, networks Space2Motion, Space2Agriculture and Space2Health).

Dr. Rita Rinaldo, Head of Institutional Projects for Downstream Business Applications at ESA, presented the scope and objectives of the ESA Business Applications and Space Solutions programme (BASS) and introduced upcoming initiatives and future tenders. Among these, the Kick-Start scheme was highlighted as a successful instrument attracting SMEs and new entrants to ESA, supported by DLR.

All participants expressed positive feedback in relation to the event and interest in repeating it in 2020.

The seven teams presented their projects and engaged in inspiring discussions.   With an efficient use of innovative technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, High Altitude PseudoSatellite, machine learning, concentrated solar power systems, microgrids), they have all provided valuable service propositions along specific business verticals, such as communication in deep sea, smart fishing, services for electrification in developing countries, communication for off-shore, snow forecast dynamics and hydropower assessment.

Anke Freimuth, Coordinator for ESA Business Applications of DLR, said: “Thanks to this event we were able to show a number of interesting projects addressing a very diverse range of topics at a different stages of maturity, such as Kick-Start-activities, feasibility studies and demonstration projects”.

The day gave us the possibility to show the multiple possibilities within the German Space Agency offered by the ESA Business Applications programme and how we can give newcomers the possibility to get in contact with the Agency and its different directorates,” she added.

Dr. Rita Rinaldo said: “The event showed how the investment made by ESA and DLR in the projects gave a high return in terms of socio-economic impact, with companies being able to reach the market and commercialise the services developed from what had been at the beginning just an initial idea."

We are proud that ESA has helped them reach that stage and we look forward in the future to a higher number of companies through schemes like kick-start, through dedicated initiatives to be undertaken together with users/stakeholders operating in specific sectors and through the BASS network”.


Industry presenting:

COLDSUN “Communication reLay for Deep-Sea for Deep-Sea Underwater Networks” by D3TN

GLAUCUS “Smart Fishing and Route Planning System”  by Deep Blue Globe

VIDA “Village Data Analytics” by TFE Energy

“Service enabled by HAPS” by Unisphere

COM4Offshore “Interactive communication and monitoring system for offshore wind energy ” by OHB

SnowSense “Integrated Service for Runoff and Hydropower Assessment and Forecast related to Snow Cover Dynamics in Remote Areas”  by VISTA

CSP-FoSYS “Concentrating Solar Power Forecast System for Participation in the Spanish Electricity Market using EO and Communication Technologies” by TSK FLAGSOL ENGINEERING GMBH 


31 October 2019
Last updated at 20 November 2019 - 16:24