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IAP activities for Africa showcased at IAC

he Integrated Applications Promotion programme has recently showcased a number of its activities that contribute to the development of the African continent, at the 62nd edition of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). The associated papers and presentations are now available for download.

The IAC is the world's premier annual global space conference, and was held in Cape Town from 3-7 October, with the theme "African Astronaissance". It was directly preceded by the 21st UN/IAF Workshop on .Space for Human and Environmental Security. from 30 September to 2 October.

21st UN/IAF Workshop on Space for Human and Environmental Security

Rally2ReadThis workshop covered four sessions followed by lively plenary discussions: Space and Climate Change, Space for Food and Water, Space for Health and Space for Environment.

The IAP programme participated with the following presentations with topics ranging from e-health and epidemiology via demining to improving literacy in rural areas.



UN/IAF Workshop Presentations 





Keynote Address - Space and Sustainable Development in Applications

Prof. Amnon Ginati


ESA IAP and Space for Health

Prof. Amnon Ginati


Building E-health Services for Sub-Saharian Region in Africa

Prof. Alexander Horsch

Institute for Medical Statistics (IMSE), Germany

Space and Epidemiology


Dr. Michiel Kruijff


Space for Education, and its Relevance to Children Health (Rally2Read initiative)


Ms. Pam Richardson, Ms. Iris Francis

South Africa

Space for Humanitarian Demining


Dr. Michiel Kruijff



62nd Edition of the International Astronautical Congress

At the IAC, user and IAP representatives highlighted a number of activities that take place in or have relevance for the African continent.

In the Smallsat session (B4.4), the development of a Satellite-based AIS (Automated Identification System) for vessel tracking was reported that can help e.g. in the identification of hijacked ships.

Integrated application end-to-end solutions were presented in session B5.1. Ms. Annemarie Klaasse from the Grapelook project explained how satellites can help to reduce the water consumption for vineyard irrigation in South Africa. A pipeline, as indicated by the red marker pole, runs beneath makeshift housing (SASOL Gas, PIMSIS project).Mr. Neo Modise, a user representative from SASOL Gas in Johannesburg, clearly illustrated the need for improved and more efficient monitoring of pipelines integrity and related threats (PIMSIS project). Mr. Marco Giancarli from the S2BAS project described how satellite navigation, Earth Observation and satellite communication can be used to improve the safety for planes landing at small, underequipped and remote airports. Dr. Michiel Kruijff, technical officer of the VECMAP feasibility study, reported the successful development of a system for disease vector mapping (moquitoes in particular) that is now moving towards pre-operational service demonstration in twelve countries including Benin. Other IAP activities presented covered veterinary epidemiology in Senegal (PREDICT project) and demining assistance service development (SADA project) in which mine action users from e.g. Sudan and Egypt are involved.

Rally2ReadIn the session for Integrated Application Tools (B5.2), Prof. Dr. Alexander Horsch (Institute for Medical Statistics) stressed the importance of e-Health to save lives and detailed IAP.s newly started programme e-Health for 48 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.  Finally, the presentation of the IRISS project showed how TITAN, a compact integrated system can be fitted retroactively in older trains to make more efficient and effective their tracking and operations and maintenance management.

IAC Abstracts & Presentations








European Satellite AIS under Joint EMSA/ESA Integrated Applications Programme

C. Tobehn, A. Schönenberg, R. Rinaldo, A. Ginesi, A. Ginati, L. Sciberras, L. Bal


Grapelook: Space based services to improve water use efficiency of vineyards in South Africa

A. Klaasse, C. Jarmain, A. Roux, O. Becu, A. Ginati


PREDICT, Prevention and Response to Epidemics with Demonstration of Information and Communication Technologies

C. Bastón Canosa, A. Ginati, O. Tournebize, S. Bastier, Y. Lapeyre, A. Berthier, E. Ducheyne,

B. Sall


Space Assets for Pipeline Integrity Management (PIMS)

M. Kruijff , A. Bos, R. Bos, N. Modise, A. Mieremet , A. Ginati


Space Assets for Demining Assistance

M. Kruijff, D. Eriksson, T. Bouvet, A. Griffiths, M. Craig, H. Sahli, F. Valcarce González-Rosón, P. Willekens, A. Ginati


Mapping habitats for vectors of infectious disease: VECMAP

M. Kruijff, G. Hendrickx, W. Wint, A. Ginati


Space Services Benefits in Aviation System (S2BAS)

M. Giancarli, A. Monteleone, F. Sautto, O. Becu,  A.Ginati


Satellite-enhanced telemedicine and ehealth for Sub-Saharan Africa: a development opportunity

G. Martín-de-Mercado, A. Horsch, G. Parentela, P. Mancini, A. Ginati


Intelligent Railways via Integrated Satellite Services (IRISS)

M. Kruijff, M. Dumville, Mr. M. Hutchinson, A. Ginati







08 November 2011
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