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The Second ARTES Applications Final Presentation Day

The second ARTES Applications Final Presentation Day, held on 19 November at ESTEC, provided a useful opportunity to find out more about the following recently completed ARTES Applications demonstration projects.

  • The T4MOD project aimed at developing and validating a user-friendly Telemedicine system, through an interoperable IP overlay satellite network associated to an intelligent end-to-end communication service, capable to support different medical specialities.
  • The Quality of Experience for Telemedicine project encompassed two activities, QuoTe and TeleMediQual, that sought to develop tools capable of providing an automatic MOS and other quality parameters that approximate results of the subjective audio-visual quality assessment of telemedicine systems, based on criteria and metrics that can be automatically and objectively measured and evaluated by a computer programme instead of a person. 
  • The Xciti'ID project was dedicated to designing, developing, and validating a pre-operational integrated service platform aiming at significantly improving the management of the transport supply chain of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods (as well as other goods, such as food) by providing globally and 7days/week near-real-time track and trace services with associated temperature data logs.
  • The VGTropics project aimed to establishing a service platform to support early detection of livestock diseases, identification of livestock population and related disease outbreak risk, and planning of livestock surveys. Services are tailored to African developing countries’ needs and are designed to support international, national and regional animal health monitoring activities. 
  • The objective of the EASY project is to develop a demonstrator of “one-stop-shop” services for the high-value leisure yachting market mainly for the Mediterranean Sea, integrating various space assets.
  • The Vicometra project resulted in the introduction of HD media streaming services from mobile terminals over the past year.


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23 November 2015
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