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Kristine Løvflaten Koslung

Space Applications can play an important role in the search for new sustainable solutions for the challenges we are...


Lorenzo Scatena,Eleonora Lombardi,Giorgio Licciardi, Federica Maria Mauro 

The democratization of space is opening the door to the development of sustainable downstream services provided by new...


Prof. Hans Sünkel, Martin Moessler & Inês Plácido

Fostering Austrian cross-sectorial innovation, based on the capabilities of space data and services, leading to...


Carlos Cerqueira Francisca Eiriz

AP Portugal supports space solutions for terrestrial applications!


Nicolas Helssen

Space science and technology has provided the world with a myriad of innovations it can access. It is now time to...

United Kingdom

Ian Downey

Space derived information and capabilities offer significant potential as an engine for new business. The aim of the UK...


José Achache

AP-Swiss fosters the emergence and development of such integrated applications and services with and for the Swiss...


Miranda Saarentaus

Let space data boost your business - ESA Business Applications


Bärbel Deisting

Space for Earth...


News and Events

Supporting space startups: business incubator call 2015-16

This call is aimed at business incubation centres who wish to support start-up companies across the breadth of the space sector. The aim is to extend the network of business incubators supporting space companies across the UK, deliver an effective national capacity for space company incubation and ensure shared best practice.

ITS European Congress

6 - 9 June 2016, SECC (Glasgow, Scotland)

The 11th ITS Congress theme is "Delivering Future Cities Now" and is based on Glasgow’s pioneering work on Smart Cities. The event consists of an extensive exhibition, with an adjacent area for live demonstrations and a programme of high level and technical sessions providing the opportunity for the industry’s experts and political leaders to discuss current issues both formally at over 100 sessions and more informally during an extensive social programme.

UK Ambassador Platform for Offshore Energy off to a breezy start

At a recent event held in Glasgow, ESA's new Ambassador Platform for Offshore Energy (AP-OE) was launched. The new AP is targetting a sector where space applications can drive down cost, provide better oversight, and improve safety and environmental protection.

APFin workshop: satellite supported farming

A workshop dedicated to exploring the potential of satellite farming as a cloud service was recently held at the Agricultural Data Processing Centre (MLOY) in Vantaa, Finland, under the auspices of AP Finland. 

ESA-IPN ARTES Apps Workshop

28 October 2015, Lisbon (PT)

ESA and Ambassador Platform for Portugal, managed by IPN, invite the space and non-space communities to attend a workshop dedicated to ARTES Applications opportunities, with specific attention for ESA's new Megaconstellations Workplan and ARTES funding schemes.

Space for Med finds great potential for space tech in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region

A joint undertaking between ESA and the European Investment Bank (EIB) has determined that space-based services have tremendous potential in the FEMIP region in vital economic sectors such as water-management, transport and logistics, as well as energy and renewables.

APNorway Workshop – How to write a good IAP application/service proposal

Workshop: 16 April 2015, Oslo (Norway) - Presentations now online

APNorway and the Norwegian Space Centre are pleased to invite you to a workshop in Oslo Thursday the 16th of April at the premises of the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo, focusing on maritime communication and enabling space technologies within the ESA ARTES program.

ORE Catapult boldly goes with new ESA Space Ambassadors

New Ambassador Platform launched

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult will host European Space Agency (ESA) Ambassadors for its Integrated Application Programme (IAP) as part of an opportunity to identify and facilitate offshore energy needs that can be fulfilled and supported by space assets.

SMALL ARTES Apps Open Call

Open Call: Portuguese space and non-space industry

The Call is open to the Portuguese space and non-space industry and academia and newcomers to space applications or downstreaming.

Space is open for business - Seminar in Helsinki

Seminar: 1 September 2015, Helsinki (Finland)

The seminar discusses new potential applications and business ideas. It serves as a networking platform to establish new contacts and build advanced consortiums. The programme focuses on three areas; industrial internet, location data and intelligent transport.