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ESA Business Applications Ambassadors

The ESA Business Applications Ambassadors extend the reach of the Agency by engaging with communities which would otherwise never hear about space. The role of the Ambassadors is threefold: 

  1. They are the first national point of contact, have the ability to multiply and reinforce positive messages about space in Europe and act as a bridge between ESA, Member States, and industry.
  2. Ambassadors create and manage relationships with the non-space industries, actively engaging with communities in line with national strategies.  
  3. Provide support to companies: Ambassadors are also advisors for companies from the initial stages of awareness to the different types of funding opportunities inside of ESA‘s ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) 4.0 programme – feasibility studies, kick-starters, demonstration projects, etc. Their support consists of providing information, advice, matching with potential partners (consortia building), validating business cases and supporting companies in the application process. Ambassadors do not have a stake in the ARTES programme.

Their main activities are participating in non-space events, by re-distributing social media messages, and most importantly consulting companies on how ESA’s Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (TIA) can support industry. Additionally, the Ambassadors of the different countries exchange on insights between each other and can support the creation of international consortia.



Jana Kapounova

As ESA Business Ambassador for the Czech Republic, I am happy to support the ecosystem of Czech companies in accessing…


Wojciech Adamiak

SPACE is the key to your innovation. Let’s brainstorm to find out how to accelerate your success with space!


Prof. Hans Sünkel, Martin Mössler

Promoting Austrian cross-industry innovation, powered by space technology and data to foster increased economic…


Jorge Pimenta, Carla Duarte

We believe we can enhance people’s lives on Earth through space. At IPN, we strive to make this possible by supporting…


Annekatrien Debien

Space technology has made tremendous advancements over the past two decades, leading to the creation of innovative…

United Kingdom

Kenneth Gordon,Grant Day,Dr Lucía F. de la Bella,Paul Singh Bhatia,Pier Lion Stoppato

The new Ambassador team onboarded in September 2022 has new ambitions and a new structure. They rely on the experience…


Bärbel Deisting

Space for Earth! We support companies from both the non-space and space sector to realise their business ideas,…

News and Events

Faster, greener and cheaper – your customised bus service

Travellers in the UK are enjoying quicker and cheaper journeys while also cutting carbon emissions thanks a new public transport app backed by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Assessing insurance risk and damage in the digital age

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) has recently launched a Global Events Observer (GEO) for the insurance industry. GEO amalgamates highly accurate geotagged data from a range of sources to identify and track damage to property and infrastructure caused by catastrophes such as natural disasters. The technology was developed with co-funding from the ESA Business Applications Programme.

Carbon Farming’s Eye in the Sky

A Belgian start-up company, supported by ESA Space Solutions, is researching ways to use satellite imagery to help increase the amount of carbon held in soil, in turn significantly reducing the effects of climate change wrought by agriculture. ScanWorld will use the data gathered to help the new breed of carbon farmers speed up the process of soil sampling, reducing their costs and increasing carbon capture.

Drones take to Scottish skies to support COVID battle

UK drone specialist Skyports has successfully completed the second phase of a medical delivery project on the west coast of Scotland, funded through a joint ESA and UK Space Agency COVID-19-related initiative. With support from ESA Space Solutions, Skyport’s drone service slashed delivery times for COVID samples and medical supplies, significantly speeding up UK National Health Service (NHS) testing and response.

Satellites make seas cleaner via pollution detection service

An offshore pollution monitoring solution, based on expert interpretations of satellite imagery, is helping to make our marine environment cleaner. By alerting offshore industries to any unusual slicks or discharges, CGG’s SeaScope, developed with the support of ESA Space Solutions, accelerates response times to minimise risks and potential impact.

FATMAP – new features for leading outdoor platform

Getting out in the fresh air is more ‘in’ than ever this year, and with FATMAP’s adventure platform, activities in the Great Outdoors have never been easier to plan. With the support of ESA Space Solutions, FATMAP have now added some crucial ‘live data’ enhanced features, which take the application to new heights. 

ESA Business Applications Regional Ambassador Platform for the UK

Invitation to Tender: Closing date 22 November 2017

The objective of this activity is to implement a UK based Ambassador Platform Network, promoting the ESA Business Applications and supporting the UK industry in creating sustainable applications and services using space assets. ESA has earmarked a budget of €150,000 per activity.

Maritime Communication Seminar

AP Norway: 15th February 2017, Trondheim

On 15 February 2017, a Maritime Communication Seminar was held in Trondheim. It was a cooperative initiative between AP Norway, NFAS (Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships) and Geminisenter Maritime Communication.

Offshore Energy and the Space Industry

Event Report

The event covered the opportunities available through the ESA IAP programme to develop potentially game-changing concepts that could provide the solution to challenges in satellite services for offshore energy.

New ESA BICS and Ambassador Platforms for Switzerland and Austria

New ESA Business Incubation Centers (BIC) and Ambassador Platforms in Switzerland and Austria are now up and running. Both developments are part of ESA's long-term strategy for expanding outreach programmes that target European SMEs.