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Kristine Løvflaten Koslung

Space Applications can play an important role in the search for new sustainable solutions for the challenges we are...


Prof. Hans Sünkel, Martin Moessler & Inês Plácido

Fostering Austrian cross-sectorial innovation, based on the capabilities of space data and services, leading to...


Carlos Cerqueira Francisca Eiriz

AP Portugal supports space solutions for terrestrial applications!


Nicolas Helssen

Space science and technology has provided the world with a myriad of innovations it can access. It is now time to...

United Kingdom

Ian Downey

Space derived information and capabilities offer significant potential as an engine for new business. The aim of the UK...


José Achache

AP-Swiss fosters the emergence and development of such integrated applications and services with and for the Swiss...


Miranda Saarentaus

Let space data boost your business - ESA Business Applications


Bärbel Deisting

Space for Earth...


News and Events

Norwegian Space opportunities within the ARTES Applications programme

Seminar: Presentations available for download

APNorway and the Norwegian Space Centre are pleased to invite you to a seminar in Trondheim on 27th May 2014, focusing on maritime communication and enabling space technologies within ESA’s ARTES Applications programme.

Seminar on Integrated Applications - space data and information society in Helsinki on 26 September 2013

The European Space Agency's Integrated Application Promotion Programme and Tekes are organising a seminar at the Finnish Meteorological Institute "Brainstorm auditorium" on 26 September 2013.

Opportunities with ESA for the Finnish telecommunication industry

Workshop report

A half-day workshop was organised in Espoo, Finland on May 8th. The event focused on ARTES 3-4 and 5 programmes and was the first of its kind in Finland, bringing the Finnish telecommunication community together in order to explore and discuss the potentials for doing business with ESA.