The tourism sector plays an important role as a driving force of economic development. Activities related to the tourism sector contribute to the generation of income and employment. Recent technological advances in the space technologies have opened big opportunities particularly interesting for the so-called sustainable tourism. The combination of space and terrestrial technologies can provide, for instances, always updated and reliable maps, weather report, timetable and other useful information, according to the geographic position of the tourist.


Status date: 10 October 2017

CapeOutdoors3D conceptualises a mobile application for tourists planning outdoor activities in Nature Reserves and National Parks in South Africa. The project links the space technologies Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation with the aim to provide a 3D virtual reality planning tool for tourists. In addition, Earth Observation products are designed to support protected area authorities in their fire management activities.


Status date: 10 October 2017

ConnieAI is an AI based platform to guide tourists in cities and touristic venues. Through a common smartphone app and a web-based backend, the solution allows to easily create digital guides and provide visitors with touristic content and services.

International Satellite Derived Shallow Water Bathymetry Service

Status date: 04 October 2017

A web-based service to provide immediate, off-the-shelf, online access to shallow water depth data derived from very high resolution satellite imagery.


Status date: 08 September 2017

Dively is the first mobile application that supports a safe experience for underwater sports fans. Thanks to a powerful combination of environmental data and 3D underwater views, planning your next experience will be a breeze. Designed by divers for divers, Dively presents complex earth observation data and bathymetry in a visual, easy and user-friendly way, with the aim of enhancing your experience while boosting your safety.


Status date: 05 September 2017

SATLAS is an Idea Incubator, developed for and offered to innovators who want to “Start, Integrate and Test” their SatCom related concepts in an easy, light and quick way, taking benefit from the support, mentoring, services and tools made available from the SATLAS consortium (SES Techcom, SatADSL, Newtec).


Status date: 04 August 2017

Nostalgeo is a location-based platform to preserve & experience the streetview of the past. The interactive tool allows users to explore, compare, upload & fit old streetviews in relation to the streetview of today. A location-based API service allows other users/developers to access historical streetview data over whole Europe and integrate it into their own (touristic) applications.


Status date: 21 July 2017

The MULDIARCOS project will implement and demonstrate a cohesive end-to-end delivery chain of satellite and metocean data. The focus is on maritime operations in harsh Arctic regions. Such operations often have a need of fast and regular Earth Observation and weather information. Streamlined and effective ordering, delivery procedures and user-interfaces are a necessity in the operations due to limited and expensive communication channels to the vessels.

Curio Canopy

Status date: 13 July 2017

Combining analysis of satellite imagery with crowdsourced data, this urban tree montioring platform connects communities and urban forestry professionals. It provides an open data service that drives improved understanding of urban trees and access to better information in order to: i) increase tree planting and tree care; ii) improve environmental conservation management and planning; iii) support educational and communication resources for learning and knowledge-sharing.


Status date: 20 June 2017

ASTROCAST is a global communication service designed for M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things). A service that can provide coverage not only in remote areas on land, oceans, and sky but also is optimized for mobility applications globally.


Status date: 12 June 2017

ArTeK aims at developing an innovative, effective and sustainable service offered to Properties managers to have a complete and systematically updated view and enhanced awareness of the state of conservation of immovable Cultural Properties and to support their management and fruition. ArTeK integrated service builds on space assets (earth observation, navigation and satellite communication) as well as additional technologies (drones, on site equipment, etc.) in relation to specific user needs.


Status date: 27 February 2017

The SafeSki Demonstration Project covers the pilot implementation of Safety and Information Services for Ski Resorts and succeeds the successfully completed SafeSki Feasibility Study. The SafeSki pilot-demonstration stage aims at increasing the safety and security on slopes, increasing customers and thus revenue, saving time regarding data acquisition and documentation and reducing personnel costs through optimization of internal processes.


Status date: 20 December 2016

Demonstration of two services developed in the SIS-SREM Feasibility Study.Mountain rescue team management (MRTM) system as professional service was demonstrated in real conditions in central European mountains. Service provider GINA realized first sales during the demonstration project.Infotainment platform (ITP) consisting of outdoor portal and connected applications providing actual information and location based services are available to serve mountain guests in top mountain resorts during winter and summer season. Improved connectivity in resorts enable users to benefit from improved service availability. Infotainment platform and its services provide new communication channels for brands to bring their messages to users.A project extension (via a Contract Change Notice) has beem granted in 2017 with the objective to designing and demonstrating a Drone Service for Mountain Resorts.


Status date: 17 October 2016

Sympa can be defined as an “All-around solution for the sustainable monitoring and control of Marine protected Areas”, Vitrociset Belgium, le Centre Spatial de Liège, and LaMMA are in fact developing a system for the supervision of the touristic and commercial traffic going through Marine Protected Area. Sympa service offer is completed by adding a   “Water quality” monitoring which integrates EO data into innovative biogeochemical and hydrodynamic models as support of a sustainable and competitive tourism.


Status date: 20 May 2016

The SENSA project aims at a collaborative platform supporting “sustainable & responsible tourism” in protected remote areas, such as natural parks, natural reserves and historical sites.


Status date: 20 May 2016

SatSoHoAfrica is allowing the provision of competitive broadband internet services to Small-office-Home-office (SoHo) users in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Status date: 29 August 2014

The purpose of the fast track feasibility study 'Open Trail Map / Open Solutions for enhanced Situation Awareness and efficient Emergency Response Actions in Mountainous Regions - OTM / OSERA' was to investigate and assess the technical feasibility and commercial viability of sustainable services to support the management and maintenance of hiking paths and trail maps, to support the safety and enjoyment of their visitors, to reduce the operational cost, and to prepare the follow-on steps for the implementation of such services.


Status date: 21 July 2014

N@VITour project, by integrating Telecommunications, Earth Observation and Navigation satellite assets, aims to set-up a service that allows:managing the resources of natural parks;supporting tourists during tours in natural parks.  

EASY Feasibility Study

Status date: 12 December 2012

The objective of the EASY feasibility study has been to carry out an analysis of the technical feasibility and commercial viability of "one-stop-shop" services to the high value leisure yachting market mainly but not limited to the Mediterranean Sea, integrating various space assets (Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation). The integrated system and associated services shall provide enhanced services in order to render yachting more reliable, safe and "easy", thereby attracting a wider spectrum of potential users.